Our Favorite New Apparel and Footwear for Spring - Moosejaw
We've Sprung for Spring - Check Out Our Favorite New Styles
We've Sprung for Spring - Check Out Our Favorite New Styles

Women's Clothing

Spring is a fun time to balance your wardrobe. You're going to want to look good, but it's all about function as well. It's hard to know exactly when you'll get a warm day that abruptly turns cold or the reverse. We've compiled a brand new spread of clothing for your busy life that doesn't slow for weather. Yoga class, early season hikes, time spent around town. Go from a full length legging to shorts in the same day. Tank top and jeans in the morning to a flowy dress come evening. There is much to look forward to as the cold fades and warmth begins.

Women's Clothing
New Women's Clothing at Moosejaw

Women's Outerwear

Take control of the fickle Spring weather with a jacket that suits the season. We're here to enrich your closet with jackets that can appropriately take on the special blend of wind, rain, and sun. Just a touch of warmth in the cool air, plus sun-blocking, lightweight coverage to combat the unexpected, but welcome rays of hot sun. Hike or explore the town longer, as the daylight expands past 5pm. Ditch the heavy winter coat, pop over to the lighter side of outerwear, and crank the time spent outdoors to 11.

Women's Outerwear
New Women's Outerwear at Moosejaw

Men's Clothing

Snowmelt, mud, and plenty of sun. Hike into the Spring season with apparel that can keep up with the trails. A baselayer to regulate temperature through the changing weather. A pair of hiking pants, whether you need something a little more robust such as a canvas or softshell, or a more breathable, versatile convertible pant for the warmer days. Layer wisely to stay comfortable out there, and watch the forest and mountain come to life as the snow melts, skies turn blue, and sun heats up. Keep your new pants as clean as possible by viewing animals from a distance.

Men's Clothing
New Men's Clothing at Moosejaw

Men's Outerwear

Bust out of the winter blues and straight into the warmth of Spring. Ope, forgot to warn you, there is rain and wind mixed into the change of seasons. Before you crash out of the cabin door, spend time browsing our array of jackets to keep the unexpected weather off. Whether it's about staying dry, just a buffer from the wind, or a little UPF protection from the sun, a jacket goes a long way in the backcountry. Smart layering ends with the outer shell, add or subtract it to accommodate the weather and your comfort level.

Men's Outerwear
New Men's Outerwear at Moosejaw

Kids' Clothing & Outerwear

The days are getting longer, warmer, and the kids have been cooped up too long inside the house. Send them outdoors in the clothing and outerwear that can handle the mission. The mission: trails, campgrounds, the playground at school. It's all outdoors, and all good times when their apparel and jacket are up to the task. Breathable yet durable pants, rain jackets that keep the on again, off again rainy weather, plus hoodies to keep the chill off. Send them out the backdoor, it's time to release that wound up energy.

Kids' Clothing Kids' Outerwear
New Kids' Clothing and Outerwear at Moosejaw
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