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Check Out Moosejaw's Favorite Snow Sports Gear and Apparel
Check Out Moosejaw's Favorite Snow Sports Gear and Apparel
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  • Black Diamond at Moosejaw
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  • Never Summer at Moosejaw
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Skiing has been around for many, many years, but as a sport, think 1767. Modern technology has taken things incredibly far since then, and Moosejaw is happy to help make the mountain snow your own personal playground. Whether you prefer racing, having fun with friends, or ski-tours. On-piste, sidecountry or you've just discovered the backcountry, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the brisk, cold air and varieties of snow. You've got two feet, so strap a pair of boots and skis to them this winter.

Ski Gear
Ski Gear at Moosejaw


It's said that if you rock a snowboard, you'll rack up more cool points than a skier. I'm not sure about that, but I do know your feet are strapped to one wide board and there is no release. Choose wisely, my friend, and when you do, we've got all the snowboard gear available for you to make it happen. Boards with wicked design, for all-mountain, freestyle, freeride, or powder. We've got splitboards too for the backcountry touring type. Choose your flex wisely, otherwise you may end up with a noodle in the backcountry and have a bad time.

Snowboard Gear
Snowboard Gear at Moosejaw


What's a weekend snow adventure without a few accessories? Probably cold or injured. Stock up before heading to your local hill or that week-long adventure at the hottest resort. There's a stockpile of brain buckets for head protection, designed specifically for skiing and snowboarding. Some feature warm liners, other feature vents, and still more have the ability to add bluetooth audio. Also in stock are beanies to warm your head and ears, and goggles for eye protection from falling snow to bright sun.

Ski & Snowboard Accessories
Ski and Snowboard Accessories and Goggles at Moosejaw

Avalanche Safety

Venturing out into the backcountry on skis or snowboard can be incredibly rewarding and fun, but also requires knowledge and tools for avalanche safety. We've got the tools, it's on you to know how to properly use them. Beacons, shovels, probs, even airbag packs that also carry all the necessary the gear. Nothing like safety when out exploring dangerous, but super cool areas of the mountain. Prepare yourself with knowledge, constant vigilance, and avalanche safety gear. We've got you covered with a range of gear available.

Avalanche Safety Gear
Avalanche Safety Gear at Moosejaw

Base Layers

Don't go outside in the winter cold without your day pajamas underneath your outerwear. They go on first, sitting against the skin, all in the name of keeping you cozy and comfortable. Feel free to sweat as you work hard on the mountain, skiing or snowboarding, your chosen base layer will wick all that moisture and then dry out fast. Available in merino wool, synthetic, or a blend, to suit your preferences. When you reluctantly drag yourself back into the lodge or cabin post-adventure, you can turn those day pajamas into nighttime jammies.

Men's Base Layers

Women's Base Layers
Base Layers at Moosejaw


Outerwear for skiing, snowboarding, and after school snowball fights. If you don't have kids, I'm sure there are some in the neighborhood that are up to the challenge. Kindly dial your throws to 50% power so as not to alert angry parents. Snap up a waterproof jacket and a pair of pants, designed to keep you dry in the snow. Think of it as a wearable, lightweight shield. Jackets featuring powder skirts to prevent snow finding its way inside, while pants utilize snow gaiters, to deter snow from entering your boots. Your gateway to spending more time out in the snow.

Men's Outerwear & Accessories
Men's Ski and Snow Outerwear and Accessories at Moosejaw


Outerwear protects against the cold, harsh environments you're looking to ski or snowboard up in the mountains. They're waterproof, breathable, and protective against the elements, so you can push yourself and your chosen discipline to the limits. Outerwear doesn't just stop there, we've got insulated options as well as stuff that looks just as good on the streets. Packed with ski and snowboard features to keep you more comfortable in the snow. Go ahead, zip up, jump on the lift and take another lap.

Women's Outerwear & Accessories
Women's Ski and Snow Outerwear and Accessories at Moosejaw


Kids' outerwear is just what parents need this winter. Something to bundle them up in, keep them warm, dry, and ready to run all that energy out. Just as protective as the adult versions, but sized for them and ready for some abuse. Grow-feature jackets and pants even extend the lengths at the sleeves and legs, allowing them to gain another year in the jacket/pant, or pass it on to a sibling. Gather the troops, it's time to ditch the winter blues and practice their ski or snowboard skills. Remember: if you spring for lessons, parents can have a few hours to themselves.

Kids' Outerwear & Accessories
Kids' Ski and Snowboard Outerwear and Accessories at Moosejaw
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