Our Favorite New Gear for Fall - Moosejaw

Ahhh fall. Gotta love it. It's that perfect time of year when the bug population drops and the caramel apple population skyrockets. And if you like carving gourds, this is pretty much the best season for you. Now is the perfect time of year to gear up for fall so you can get out there and make the most of it. Here's our favorite stuff.

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Women's Clothing

It's about to be the flanneliest, apple-cideriest, pumpkin-spiciest time of year. Get even more excited by checking out some new fall fashion. Here's our favorite women's clothing to help you jump-start your fall.

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Women's Footwear

Fall is a rough time of year for all of us with pumpkinphobia. I don't know if that's the scientific term, in fact I can almost guarantee it isn't, but regardless, jack-o'-lanterns (and jill-o'-lanterns) are scary. Protect yourself from those orange monsters in style with our fave women's footwear.

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Women's Accessories

Wherever you go this fall, you probably wanna take stuff with you. Stuff can be so useful, you gotta keep some on-hand. Take a look at some of our favorite things for holding your favorite stuff (and some other accessories).

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Men's Clothing

Fall is the best time of year for kicking back around a campfire. I think that's pretty much a fact, right up there with humans needing oxygen and bears needing to do that tree back-rub thing when their backs itch. Check out our fave men's clothing for staying outside on those chilly fall nights.

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Men's Footwear

Take a peek down at your shoes real quick. I'll wait here while you look. ... ... Hi, welcome back. Are those shoes good for the colder weather, brisk day hikes and milling around a campsite? If you need a fall upgrade, here are some of our faves.

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Men's Accessories

Did you know the first backpack was invented by a guy being attacked by a monkey? He was impressed by how comfortably his hips and shoulders carried the mighty beast's weight. Here are our fave packs and other accessories to help you have a comfortable fall.

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