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Meet the Moosejaw Fearsome Critters, and Become One Yourself Meet the Moosejaw Fearsome Critters, and Become One Yourself

In folklore, fearsome critters were mythical creatures from early lumberjack tales said to inhabit wilderness around their camps. In Moosejaw-lore, Fearsome Critters are simply the most fun outdoorspeople on the planet. Or probably any planet.

Do you have the adventurous spirit it takes to be our next Fearsome Critter? Aaand do you have a camera? If you answered yes to both of those, please fill out this form.

We work with our Moosejaw Fearsome Critters to make sure they have the gear they need fuel their wilderness trips. Whether it's hiking, trail running, climbing or whatever, we want them out there inhabiting our wildernesses. In return, we get to live vicariously through their trips.

Moosejaw Fearsome Critter Scotti Lechuga

Meet Scotti Lechuga, our Fearsome Critter who is an expert at endurance cycling. "Hi" (she told me to tell you that). In 2021, Scotti became the first woman to win the overall competition at the Arkansas High Country race. She and her husband, Ernie, have been on the competitive cycling scenes for years and are a big part of the cycling community in Arkansas. She has plenty of races on the horizon and is also a cycling coach.

Scotti Lechuga

Moosejaw Fearsome Critter Becca Foss

Becca is an exceptional hiker, bikepacker, climber, traveler, and karate kicker. But that only scratches the surface. She explores the world in whatever way seems the most fun at the time. Her Instagram feed lets you live vicariously through her trips, often into the mountains, so you can appreciate some incredible, scenic views without even leaving your couch. Give her a follow and find out where she goes next.

Becca Foss

Moosejaw Fearsome Critter Daniel The Blackalachian White

Daniel "The Blackalachian" White is a Long Distance Thru-Hiker, Cyclist, and multi sport athlete. Garnering the moniker "The Blackalachian" after thru-hiking the Appalachian Trail from Georgia to Maine with zero camping or hiking experience. Daniel has gone on to bikepack the Underground Railroad Bike Trail from Alabama to Canada In 2018, hiked Coast to Coast across Scotland to complete the TGO Challenge, and 535 miles across Spain for a thru-hike of the Camino De Santiago. In addition, Daniel is a huge advocate for diversifying the outdoors for all to enjoy as well as equity in the outdoor industry.


Moosejaw Fearsome Critter Melia

Hi! My name's Melia. I'm an avid backpacker and thru-hiker. I'm happiest with a pack on my back, dirt beneath my feet, and burritos on the dinner menu. I'm also a writer, a mental health advocate, and a sexual assault survivor that's found healing from my time spent outdoors. I hope to inspire you to walk towards the best version of yourself, on and off trail.


Moosejaw Fearsome Critter Billy Madej

Madej moved west from Michigan to pursue a life in the mountains and follow his favorite sport, snowboarding. Prior to his move to Montana, Billy spent nine years in Grand Teton National Park where his snowboarding naturally progressed into the adventurous path of Splitboard Mountaineering. While not on his board in the mountains Billy can be found Mountain Biking the trails of Missoula with his dog Vernon.

Billy    What he's up to

Moosejaw Fearsome Critter Katie Sealer

I'm Katie and I have worked in store with Moosejaw where I fell in love with love the madness! I rock climb, trail run, SUP and generally do everything outdoors except get on a bike! I adventure with my fur partner, Sterling and a rad group of girls in Chattanooga, TN. I love visiting the mountains where I spent my 20s in Colorado as often as I can. This year I am excited to show Sterling the mountains and experience all the firsts again with him, while also exploring my new home state's gorgeous trails and crags gaining my own set of firsts. Love the madness and remember you don't have to be the best to succeed, sometimes you just have to be the most stubborn!


Moosejaw Fearsome Critter Taylor

Taylor is a traveling emergency veterinarian based in Breckenridge, Colorado. Her main sports are running (trail and road) and ski mountaineering but loves camping, backpacking, whitewater rafting and SUPing, canyoneering, and climbing whenever possible. When not working you will likely find her outside.


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