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Bike smarter, not harder. To truly optimize your enjoyment and push your limits on the road and trails, it's integral to be part athlete and part mathlete. "What's the maximum speed I can rip this berm while still having the breeze catch my hair just right for a photo-op?" We'll help you calculate all your variables (apparel, protection, gear, etc) to make sure you're in your prime.

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Mtn Bike Apparel + Footwear

Meg hits the trailhead at 1:25pm after her last class for the day. She actually still has an econ class, but she's skipping. "I won't need economy class after I win the lotto" she says. The temp is 66 degrees Fahrenheit and the wind is 12 mph out of the west. What apparel and footwear will she need to enjoy her ride despite a 30% chance of rain? Here are our answers.

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Five Ten

Men's Guide Tennie Shoe

A shoe with tons of grip to keep your feet glued to the pedals. When the trail ends and you have to hoof it, the ergonomic design and beveled climbing toe will help you scale boulders with ease..

$139.95 Shop

Pearl Izumi

Custom Jersey

A cycling jersey that can keep up with you. Not like, on its own, it does need a body to fill it. Moisture wicking, quick drying and just plain cool as hell.

$85.00 Shop

Pearl Izumi

Men's Elevate Short

You’ll be an unstoppable pedaling machine in these water-resistant, 4-way stretch shorts. People will beg you to stop pedaling but you will refuse. This is your new life..

$99.95 Shop

Alpine Stars

Men's Drop 2 Short Sleeve Jersey

Mesh inserts on the chest and back keep you feeling so cool you won’t even think twice about wearing sunglasses indoors.

$54.95 - $59.95 Shop

Alpine Stars

Men's Drop 2 Short

Featuring seamless construction on the seat and crotch chamois padding, these shorts will keep you comfortable on long rides through the woods or short rides to get sandwiches.

$129.95 Shop


Zoic Women's Navaeh 7 Print Short

If having an excellent range of motion is your thing, these shorts are for you. A fusion inseam gusset provides just that while the 6 pockets give you plenty of snack storage options.

$79.95 Shop

Five Ten

Women's Freerider Contact Shoe

Designed for all-mountain, flat-pedal riders, this shoe is treadless under the ball of the foot, allowing for quick and easy adjustments on-the-fly. You’ll be an adjustments machine.

$149.95 Shop

Pearl Izumi

ELITE Gel Glove

This glove’s gel padding makes gripping handlebars so comfortable it will be all you’ll want to do. Please don’t forget to eat though. You can grip handlebars after you eat.

$34.95 Shop

Mtn Bike Helmets + Protection

Sean is new to mountain biking, but he told a cute girl he's a pro. Now they're on a mountain biking date at Dead Man's Drop. There are 25 jagged rocks per 100 feet of trail. There are 4 log drops and no less than 6 gap jumps on this 9 mile trail which drops 1,200 ft in elevation. Solve for X when X is the protection required for Sean to survive this date. Here are our answers.

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Forefront MIPS Helmet

This is a cool looking helmet. That's the most important thing. But it also is ultra-ventilated and lightweight to give you comfy protection. Don't leave your saddle without it.

$250.00 Shop

POC Sports

Men's Spine VPD Air Tee

This breathable body armor perfectly combines mobility and protection so you can push your limits on the trail. Plus it breathes so you don't build up a buncha stink.

$199.95 Shop


Men's Metah Helmet

I mean, this just LOOKS fast, right? It sports easy adjustments, great ventilation and deep coverage on the back. It does everything you'd expect from a helmet and more, and it does it fast.

$149.95 Shop


Synthe MIPS Helmet

This aerodynamic road bike helmet is lightweight and ventful to keep your skull nice and cool. I just made up the word "ventful" but it seems to work. Plus it's ponytail and/or mullet compatible.

$269.95 Shop


FL-1 XC MIPS Helmet

Great for mountain biking and urban commuting. Could also work for mountain commuting, probably. The dial-in fit and MIPS technology ensure ultimate protection.

$129.95 Shop

POC Sports

Octal X Helmet

You gotta protect your brain, that's where you keep all your internet passwords. Featuring unibody constriction and adjustable harness and straps, the Octal X is ready to keep you safe.

$259.95 Shop


Cinder MIPS Helmet

This helmet specializes in lightweight head protection for long road bike rides. You wouldn't want to bike a long distance, hit your head, then forget how to get home.

$149.95 Shop


Men's Titan Sport Jacket

Whoa. If you're looking for full upper body protection for mountain biking or just want to look like the baddest dude in town, look no further.

$149.95 Shop

Mtn Bike Accessories + Hydration

Jess is a meticulous planner and is rounding up some gear before heading to the trailhead. (She knows that meticulousness is a problem for her, and has a 24 point plan to ease up). The trail is 12 miles, the temperature is 76 degrees and the heat index puts it up to 82. There is a long and exposed westward stretch into a 5pm sun. What mountain biking accessories will suit her best? Here are our answers.

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Pearl Izumi

ELITE Gel Glove

This glove’s gel padding makes gripping handlebars so comfortable it will be all you’ll want to do. Please don’t forget to eat though. You can grip handlebars after you eat.

$34.95 Shop

Showers Pass

Crosspoint WP Hi-Viz Crew Sock

These socks are completely waterproof and breathable. I’m not kidding, you can wear them in puddles like a boot but they fit like a sock. Science is amazing.

$34.95 Shop


Envoy Max ChromaPop Polarized Sunglasses

Fitted with Chromapop lenses to give you insane clarity, these sunglasses also have plenty of coverage for those ultra-sunny days.

$188.95 Shop


Raptor 14 Pack

A lightweight pack with all the features you could ever ask for: helmet attachment, blinker light attachment and removable tool pouch. If you ask for more you’re being greedy.

$140.00 Shop


Men's Drift 14L 3D Hydration Pack

A feature-rich pack that lets you adjust vertically to create the perfect fit for your riding style. Hopefully your riding style is upright. If not, make sure to check out our helmets.

$129.95 Shop


Trans Alpine 30 Pack

This pack’s stowable front pocket gives you room for a helmet, a jacket or like, five burritos. Sized for bigger adventures, you’ll have plenty of room for all your necessities as well as those previously mentioned burritos.

$129.00 Shop


Carbon 10 Multitool

A badass looking multitool that weighs less than three ounces and can fit in the smallest of pockets. People will be so envious of your newfound tightening and loosening prowess.

$99.99 Shop


Full-Force Reservoir

This ain’t your grandpa’s hydration reservoir. The pressure activated system allows for one handed spraying, useful for cleaning, drinking or keeping kids off your lawn.

$47.95 - $51.95 Shop

Road Apparel + Footwear

Rob got home late from a room escape party. He was supposed to be home 3 hours earlier, but just couldn't seem to find a window to leave. He wants to do a little road biking before bed. It's currently 6:20pm and the sun sets around 7pm. He's looking to do about 10 miles and the sky is slightly overcast. What apparel and footwear does he need to get him safely home? Here are our answers.

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Chrome Industries

Men's Truk Pro Shoe

These shoes are great for when you're often on a bike but also often off a bike. The dual density FlexPlate ensures total comfort on pedal or pavement and even works with most clipless pedals.

$94.95 Shop


Men's A2B Chino Pant

This is like if you took a casual pair of pants and then taught them how to ride a bike. It's got tons of useful commuter features, like reflective surfaces and articulated fit.

$129.00 Shop

Pearl Izumi

Men's ELITE Pursuit Short

These are the perfect shorts for riding the saddle. I mean bike saddle, but it's funny to think of a cowboy wearing these, too. Support, protection and all around performance and comfort. Yee-haw.

$119.95 Shop

Pearl Izumi

Men's SELECT Quest Long Sleeve Jersey

When you need a little extra coverage and warmth that won't slow you down, check out this jersey. If you want less coverage that does slow you down, check out a bunch of necklaces like Mr. T.

$64.95 Shop


Women's Divine Short Sleeve Jersey

Phheeewwmmm. That's the sound you'll make as you blow by people on your bike thanks to this sleek jersey. Plus it's comfy next-to-skin and wicks moisture.

$89.95 Shop


Women's Daisy Short

This compression short gives you just the right amount of cushioning and protection to keep you comfy when you're putting the pedals to the metal… or whatever you put bike pedals to.

$84.95 - $99.95 Shop

Showers Pass

Women's Hi-Vis Torch Jacket

In rain or at night, this should be your go-to biking jacket. Also good if there's a chill in the air. Or maybe if it's just windy. High visibility, waterproof, extended coverage - it will keep you protected.

$324.95 Shop


Pursuit SF Glove

These padded, grippy bike gloves will help you keep your hands on the bars and prevent blisters. Plus they just slip on so you don't have to mess with all those hooks and loops.

$39.99 Shop

Road Helmets + Accessories

Jeff uses road biking to stay in shape and, more importantly, to look cool for people in cars. Yeah, Jeff is weird. He's heading out in rush hour and plans on passing at least 75 slow moving vehicles. He also wants to burn off the 4 KFC Famous Bowls he had for dinner, so he might be out for a while. Which stylish helmet and accessories will maximize his second glances? Here are our answers.

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Route MIPS Helmet

Protect your sweet, sweet brain in style with this helmet that features a lightweight Aerocore construction, adjustable fit system and more vents than you can (or would ever want to) shake a stick at.

$180.00 Shop


Women's Parker MIPS Helmet

Fact: you need to protect your brain, that’s where all your memories and smarts go. Now you won’t have to sacrifice style to do it with this lightweight, low profile helmet. Your smarts are safe.

$109.95 Shop


Axle MIPS Helmet

This super-durable, Bombshell PLUS constructed helmet ensures that a hard fall won’t cause you to forget basic math or your mother’s birthday.

$130.00 Shop


Savant MIPS Helmet

This helmet has 25 vents for all you temperature regulating enthusiasts. If that’s not enough, it’s also made with lightweight, in-mold construction. If that’s still not enough you must be difficult to please.

$119.95 Shop


FL-1 Pave MIPS Helmet

Go easy on your brain, it’s been through a lot. This helmet uses a polycarbonate microshell to protect your delicate head and also looks pretty cool.

$119.99 Shop


E-Lume 850 Aluminum Body Headlight

Tired of going unnoticed? Wear this 850 lumen body headlight wherever you go and that will surely change. “Hey, that’s the person who wears an 850 lumen body headlight wherever they go” they’ll say.

$84.95 Shop


Edge 520 GPS Bike Computer

A computer for your bike? What a crazy time to be alive. This thing has so many features I won’t have time to list them all. Lap timer, calorie burn tracker, GPS, heart rate display, speed tracker and so many more.

$299.99 Shop


Kids' Encore Trailer

This trailer folds down for easy storage, can carry kids, cargo, or your dog (if your dog doesn’t feel like walking for some reason). It also comes with a ton of features and will make you the envy of everyone you know.

$478.95 Shop

Maintenance + Essentials

Casey and Jamie just signed up for a biathlon. They assumed it was a triathlon minus the swimming, but were very wrong. Anyways, they're looking to do some bike training. They'll transport their bikes 15 miles, bike 25 miles, then lock up their $3,500 bikes for at least 4 hours for the running portion. What gear will make this arduous training session less arduous? Here are our answers.

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Feedback Sports

Pro-Elite Work Stand with Tote Bag

Your bike is eventually gonna need some work done, that's just a fact. So when you need to poke around under the hood, turn to this solid stand will ratcheting clamp, adjustable height and 360 degree rotation.

$264.99 Shop


Local U-lock

After testing 25 other letter shapes, bike companies finally invented the U lock. 10mm of steel coated in silicon will keep your bike out of the hands of jerks.

$25.95 - $54.95 Shop


Bordo Combo 6100 Folding Lock

This folding link lock offers ample protection against ne'er-do-wells while still being very portable. This one has a settable combination lock so you don't have to worry about losing keys.

$119.99 - $129.99 Shop


Lumina 950 OLED Boost Bike Light

950 lumens is so many lumens. Even if you don't know what a lumen is, just know 950 is a big number. This light has a short charge time and 5 light levels to make sure you can always see what's coming.

$149.95 Shop


Digital Pressure Over Drive Floor Pump

This puppy has an integrated digital pressure system which can seat tubeless tires. If you don’t know what that means, you can still use it as a regular floor pump.

$164.95 Shop


FullBack 3 Bike Carrier

This trunk mount is super easy to set up and take down and perfect for the occasional bike trip. Plus it can hold 3 bikes at once which is at least 2 more than me.

$229.00 Shop


Paceline Fork Mount Carrier

If you're frequently moving your bike around, this mount might be your best bet. It's got an auto-clamp to safetly and securely hold the fork and ratcheting straps to make everything nice and snug.

$199.95 Shop


Mag 9 Magnetic Resistence Trainer

If you want all the benefits of bike riding with zero of the views, check out this trainer. Jk, this thing is awesome. On rainy days and winter months, this keeps you in shape. Plus you get TV views.

$219.95 Shop

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