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It's Time to Go Back to the School Year with Our Favorite Apparel and Gear at Moosejaw
It's Time to Go Back to the School Year with Our Favorite Apparel and Gear at Moosejaw
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Backpacks & Bags

Backpack, bookbag, knapsack, rucksack.... whatever you call it, everybody needs one. A good pack is a trusty companion that makes sure you always have what you need at the ready. We're talkin' space for books, storage for pens and pencils, and padded compartments for laptops or tablets. And thems just the basics! Some have stretchy water bottle pockets and compression straps like your favorite hiking packs. We have back to school backpacks for all shapes and sizes, kids and adults, from kindergarten to grad school and beyond. Use our handy dandy search filters to find the best option.

Backpacks & Bags
School Backpacks and Bags at Moosejaw

Lunch & H2O

When you're gone from the house all day, you're gonna need to feed your hunger and quench your thirst. A growling stomach and dry mouth just won't do. Satisfy your needs by carrying a water bottle and lunch box. Go for a classic, sizeable, and super tough Nalgene for water. Only drink the coldest of water or hottest of coffee? Pick up a double wall insulated stainless steel bottle instead. Food storage is all about maintaining the temperature before you're ready to eat. Food jars that close with a twist and keep chili, soup, or stews piping hot until lunch time. Soft lunch boxes that insulate generally need a cold pack, but that cold cut sandwich will be delicious to bite into come noon. Hopefully you packed yourself a pudding cup, just like Mom used to.

Lunch Boxes & Bags

Water Bottles
Lunch Boxes and Water Bottles at Moosejaw

Men's Apparel

Life in swim trunks and a t-shirt has come to a slow, just as the blazing heat of the summer sun. Slip into some more casual wear and prep yourself for back-to-school options for a more city-focused time of year. Don't worry, you'll have plenty of opportunity to visit the outdoors in the clothing we've got planned for the fall. Jeans with stretch. Collared polo shirts to Henley long sleeves. Rain jackets for wet weather and to cut the chilly breeze at football games. Good looks while still maintaining plenty of comfort and practicality for long days on campus.

Men's Clothing

Men's Outerwear
Men's Clothing and Outerwear at Moosejaw

Women's Apparel

School's back in session, but it doesn't mean you have to leave the trails completely in the rear-view mirror. Pack a cart full of options that transition easily between day-long sessions inside the classroom and comfortably hike the trails over the weekend. Leggings that insulate and stretch while crossing the street or scrambling the last stretch of the peak. Hoodies that warm in the air conditioned buildings and fireside in the fall. Rain jackets and other outerwear to push through rainfalls and cool days. Build yourself a wardrobe that makes sense for school days, work days, and end of season hikes.

Women's Clothing

Women's Outerwear
Women's Clothing and Outerwear at Moosejaw


We've done our summer reading, reviewed the curriculum, and surveyed everyone we know. What we've learned is that a pair of new shoes is quite possibly the best way to ring in the school year. Rocking a fresh set of kicks can amplify any outfit, enhance comfort, and boost your confidence. As we like to say around here, "look good, feel good, learn good." We have all the sneakers, slip-ons, boots, shoe-boot hybrids, and sandals to choose from. Please refer to your school's dress code if you have one. I want you all to succeed and I do not want to face disciplinary action for any of these recommendations.

Men's Footwear

Women's Footwear
Men's and Women's Footwear at Moosejaw


Let's face it, back-to-school is just as much for the adults as it is for the kids. While parents are looking forward to a little more quiet time during work-from-home, the kiddos are off to learn and have some fun with their best friends. We'll help you send them over to their teachers with fresh, new outfits that will keep them cozy, comfortable, and ready to learn. Hoodies for their cool classroom that is still running AC, long sleeves for the between days, and t-shirts for racing around at recess and gym. Don't forget jackets because of course they're walking the two blocks to school. Plenty of style as their little minds grow, and yours is getting some much needed rest.

Kids' Apparel

Kids' Footwear
Kids' Apparel and Footwear at Moosejaw
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