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About Arc'teryx Outerwear

With Arc's commitment to pushing technology, incorporating industry-leading durability, and dedication to environmental stewardship, they have become an industry leader in creating some of the most innovative outerwear and gear on the planet. Arc'teryx uses the most advanced fabrics and materials in their jackets, ski pants, vests, gloves, and mid-layers, ensuring they keep hardcore climbers, skiers, mountaineers, and trekkers comfortable, safe, and warm in even the most brutal alpine environments.

Arc'teryx has meticulously designed a cohesive ecosystem of layers for even the most demanding expeditions. With a variety of base layers for high output activities to maximum warmth output, a variety of mid-layer fleece jackets, weather-resistant tops, insulated jackets, and extreme hard-wearing outer shells, you can build a whole setup that works in unison to keep you warm with premium features such as snaps to connect your ski pants to the snow skirt of the jacket, wide sleeves to allow for tucking your gloves in, and pockets on the base-layer pants and mid-layers that align with the vents on your pant shells for easy access. If you can dream it, Arc'teryx has probably thought of it and incorporated it in their layering system.

The first-class outerwear provided by Arcteryx brings unparalleled warmth and weather protection for a variety of situations, no matter if you're on a week-long hiking trek or planning a quick trip to the store, or maybe a week-long trip to the store if that's your sort of thing. Arcteryx has built a collection of jackets and coats that are as great at beating tricky weather as feeling and looking great. Go ahead, decide your level of warmth and insulation – it could be you're interested in keeping out the chill of fall with a cozy fleece, or maybe you're set to block out severe subzero temps – no matter what's up ahead, Arcteryx will help you be prepared.

It's not all jackets and shells here though, Arc'teryx also crafts a variety of durable accessories to fill out your set-up. Gear like gloves, hats, beanies, scarves, belts, and neck gaiters are the cherry on top to truly seal out the elements. Ranging from glove liners with e-tip fingers to burly Gore-tex mitts for sub-zero temps, Arc'teryx meticulously designs gear to keep you warm regardless of the weather.

Feeling a little confused or overwhelmed? Don't know what you're looking for or what will suit your needs best? Let's go through an example of how these naming systems work with some of Arc'teryx's most popular lines, the Atom and Cerium jackets. Both of these families are in the Essentials line since they are versatile mid-layer pieces that would work in various situations. What separates the Atom family from the Cerium family is the materials used. The Atom family is fully insulated using only synthetic insulation, whereas the Cerium family uses a mix of synthetic and down insulations. The Atom and Cerium jackets also use different face fabrics, where the Cerium focuses more on packability over durability.

Atom AR - The warmest version of the Atom, beefed up with up to 120 grams of Coreloft synthetic insulation and Permeair, enhances breathability in certain areas. The AR version of the atom has a 30 denier nylon shell with a DWR treatment.
Atom LT - Slightly lighter than the AR, the LT version of the Atom comes with up to 60 grams of Coreloft insulation with the same Permeair fleece-like insulation on the side panels. The LT has a slightly less beefy outer shell with a 20 denier fabric with DWR treatment.
Atom SL - The lightest version in the Atom family, the SL version, only has 40 grams of Coreloft synthetic insulation and relies more on Permair nylon lining for regulated, breathable warmth. The Atom SL also has a 20 denier outer fabric.
Thorium AR - This jacket contains a mix of 130 grams of 750 fil grey goose down as well as 140 grams of Coreloft insulation in areas that would see more moisture buildup. This jacket also has a 30 denier nylon outer shell with a DWR treatment.
Cerium SV - Like the Thorium, the Cerium SV uses composite mapping to place up to 140 grams of Coreloft synthetic insulation in high moisture areas and also includes highly packable 850 fill grey goose down. The Cerium SV is more packable and lightweight than the Thorium AR, with a mix of 10 and 7 denier outer fabrics.
Cerium LT - As we get lighter, the Cerium LT uses the same formula for insulation. Up to 100 grams of Coreloft, as well as 850 fill white goose down. The Cerium LT uses a ten denier outer shell for increased packability.
Cerium SL - The lightest and most packable jacket in the Cerium family, the Cerium SL has up to 100 grams of Coreloft as well as a mix of 850 fill grey goose down. The Cerium SL is also the most packable, with an extremely thin seven denier nylon shell.

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