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LITHIC - Adventure Gear for All
LITHIC - Adventure Gear for All


LITHIC is all about sharing memorable experiences. We believe that the great outdoors is for everyone, whether you're experienced in the ways of exploring the trails or brand new to hiking and camping. We want you to get out there and we have the backpacking essentials to assist you. Our rock-solid lineup of packs, sleeping bags, and cookware will help you get away from home for a while so you can enjoy what nature has to offer. Affordable high-quality gear to support your next adventure, whatever it looks like. If you're new to backpacking, check out our BACKPACKING for BEGINNERS guide before heading out on your first trip.

Sleeping Bags

Step further into nature with a sleeping bag that will keep you warm through the night. Down and synthetic insulated bags are available, so snuggle in and drift comfortably off to dreamland. They're designed to get anybody and everybody into the outdoors without wreaking havoc on your life savings, so come one, come all. The bags are lightweight and durable for snagging a zizz in your own backyard, the campground or a backpacking adventure. The 35°F rating corresponds to the comfort limit, so you'll be cozy at that temperature. Each bag features a nylon shell, treated with a durable water repellent finish to keep you dry in damp situations. Pack it up in the stuff sack and begin your adventures into the outdoor world.

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LITHIC Sleeping Bags at Moosejaw


A range of packs to carry the necessary gear while getting to know Mother Nature on a hike. The four pack options will get beginners as well as seasoned veterans into the outdoors on the trip length of their preference, while still leaving enough cash in their wallet for extra spending. From short day hikes to months on end, haul whatever you need on the trail without having to employ your hands. They're light on weight but not on strength, so don't fret, you won't be trailing any precious gear behind you. The ultralight dry pack is packable to the size of a baseball, which allows you to carry it inside the 40L, 50L or 65L packs. On bigger trips, it will allow you to hike smaller offshoots of the trail from base camp with just a few essentials.

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Now that you've hiked miles into the backcountry, your legs are starting to get pretty tired. You haven't said anything in a while, but you managed to set up camp before the sun went down. Now is probably the time to eat, my friend. Eating well is an important part of backpacking, and it's easy to serve up a nourishing meal when you have the right tools at your fingertips. Whether you're a seasoned backpacker or you've never made a meal in the outdoors, we have the pots, pans, and stoves to have you cookin' in no time. Speaking of seasoning, you should at least bring some S&P to spice things up. I mean, why would you settle for crummy when we all know you want yummy?

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