LEKI Trekking Pole Brand - Moosejaw

Way back in 1948, an avid skier took his sign-making machines and used them to create better grips and baskets for his ski poles. By 1970, LEKI began to mass produce and not much later full alpine poles were available with cross-country poles not far behind. By 1974, Leki had the world's first adjustable trekking pole which was later used by Reinhold Messner and Peter Habeler who became the first climbers to summit Mount Everest without oxygen. Now the leading manufacturer of skiing, trekking, and trail running poles and gloves, you know you can count on their German-engineered outdoor gear. Trust the LEKI passion: exclusive grip and strap technology, and glove expertise when headed to the mountain on foot, or skis to keep you moving with confidence.

Trekking Poles

Trekking poles by LEKI provide comfort, security, endurance and health while on the trail. Head into the mountains with all this confidence provided by your poles to meet your goals in the outdoors. While there are a variety of options to choose from, each pair provides an ergonomic grip and strap and helps distribute weight to the arms and legs, reducing the load on your whole body. Maintain an upright position during your hike and gain additional contact over the ground for extra balance. Choose between cork handles or foam, carbon or aluminum shafts, and the carbide tip at the pointy end.

Trekking Poles
LEKI Trekking Poles at Moosejaw

Cross Trail Poles

LEKI cross trail poles are for adventurers that blend between running and hiking. Whether you're dabbling in one or the other, or doing something of an in-between, cross trail poles are thinner at the grip than trekking poles, yet thicker than running poles. Designed to keep you moving fast over challenging terrain. Use more than just your feet for traction, getting your arms in on the weight distribution. These poles are equipped with a trigger grip for efficiency and are available in foldable or telescoping models. Get your next trail adventure going at a pace that suits your fancy.

Cross Trail Poles
LEKI Cross Trail Poles at Moosejaw

Alpine Poles

LEKI alpine poles are ready to aid in your next ski adventure, from racing the mountain to family fun. Propel yourself downward at speed while helping your upper body control a desired position, all with the help of a pair of poles. Many feature Trigger 3D, a multi-directional release mechanism which offers security and comfort with an easy-to-use, click-in strap. Light, durable, and in a range of options to suit your needs, whether you're a seasoned vet out all season, or beginner looking to gain more balance.

Alpine Poles
LEKI Alpine Poles at Moosejaw


LEKI gloves are ready to keep hands warm while on the mountain, exploring the woods, and even in town. From the basic liner that will wick moisture and allow you to text your friends to the race-ready pair that features padding to protect against the gates. Fleece and synthetic insulated options, all so fingers are kept cozy and happy. Most have a pre-curved fit for easy grip on poles and all control moisture as you work hard. If cool to cold weather is in the forecast, grab some gloves for the adventure.

LEKI Gloves at Moosejaw
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