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SheFly® Women's Outdoor Pants - Born to Pee Wild

SheFly® was founded by a team of women at Middlebury College who were tired of wearing pants that didn't work for their anatomy. The idea for SheFly® came out of a summer Co-Founder Georgia Grace Edwards spent as a glacier guide in Alaska. Her male co-workers could easily unzip their flies to pee, while she was forced to trek across crevasses until she could find privacy and completely remove 3-4 layers in sub-zero temperatures. Removing layers left her feeling so cold that she decided it would be easier just to cut her water consumption - a story not uncommon among women adventurers.

SheFly® Technology

Revolutionary Patented Zipper - SheFly® pants include a patented zipper design that will change your life next time you answer nature's call outside. In addition to the regular zipper fly that allows you to take your pants on and off, a second zipper extends from beneath the first zipper to the back of the waistband. This design allows you to unzip only as far as you need to in order to maximize privacy on the trail, in the woods, or anywhere else nature may call.

Discreet Zipper Flap - While SheFly® loves showing off their patented zipper technology, they added a concealing fabric flap on the outside for discretion, so it looks like a normal pant seam. They also included a flap on the inside, so you can go commando without your skin ever coming in contact with the zipper.

Easily Answer Nature's Call™ - To use your SheFly® pants, just unzip the second zipper as much as you need, pull your underwear to the side, and go! It's that simple.

SheFly® Women's Go There™ Pant

The SheFly Women's Go There Pant

The SheFly® Go There™ Pants are a comfortable, multifunctional, all-season hiking pant with a unique addition: the patented SheFly® zipper that will change your life! In addition to a traditional zipper fly (to take your pants on and off), a second SheFly® zipper starts below the first fly and extends around to the back of the pant, allowing you to pee comfortably and safely, without taking your pants off. What a concept!

SheFly® did not just solve the bathroom problem. Here are some other features you'll love:
•   5 large pockets include: 2 zippered front hip pockets, 2 deep back pockets with envelope flap closure, and 1 hidden zip stash pocket at upper right leg (holds any smartphone)
•   4-way stretch fabric that is 93% nylon, 7% spandex, pill and snag resistant, and with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating
•   Mid-high waist that is climbing harness and backpack strap compatible
•   Adjustable waist ties for customized fit
•   Straight leg with adjustable hems: can be cinched into joggers using ankle elastic OR converted into capris using calf snaps

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Favorite Pee Positions

SheFly's Favorite Pee Positions in the Outdoors

When nature calls in the outdoors, be prepared to answer. SheFly® founded a company that helps everyone pee in their pants, so they have had plenty of practice. Here are their favorite positions that make peeing much easier (and more fun) in the outdoors:

The OG Full Squat - The position you know and love (but also hate a little bit if you're not wearing SheFly® Go There™ pants). Open the SheFly® zipper on your new pants, place your feet hip width apart, and drop your *peach* to the ground. Don't forget to orient yourself pointing downhill to avoid a river of pee running towards your feet.

The Half Squat - Not in the mood to #dropitlow? For this slight variation on the full squat, just bend your knees, unzip the SheFly® zipper, and pee freely! No need to worry about pesky plants or branches coming in contact with your skin while you do your business.

The Power Pose (Patriarchy Smasher) - This is an advanced position for the bold and confident urinator. It's quick, dirty, and a little bit wild. Without SheFly® Go There™ pants, this pose requires taking your pants and underwear all the way off. With the best hiking pants around, however, all you have to do is simply unzip, spread your legs, and go. Some SheFly® power users have reported that peeing from a full stand is life-changing. Potential hazards include pee all over your legs and pants. Don't say they didn't warn you. Think you've got the perfect stream? Let SheFly® know if you try this method out.

The Kneel - A SheFly® team favorite, the kneel gives you maximum stability and minimal backsplash. Get low to the ground with one foot out in front and one behind, then let your stream flow. Pro tip: hold onto a friendly-looking branch or stump for extra support. This position is not recommended with normal pants.

Leaning Wall Sit - A pee position for those nostalgic about 4th grade gym class, the leaning wall sit gives you the most bang for your buck. Press your back against a friendly tree or rock, unzip, and go! If you aren't quite ready to commit to the full wall sit, lean your butt against a log and use a hand to stabilize yourself while you go.

The Tree Hugger - A modified version of the OG Squat, the tree hugger gets you up close and personal with nature. Find a sturdy tree trunk to hold in front of you, squat down and go! This position is easier on tired legs and is also ideal for going #2. Feeling friendly? Grab a partner and try the back-to-back method for double the fun. Bonus points if you're both wearing SheFly® Go There™ pants.

The Climber - A position designed to please your inner child, the climber necessitates hanging from a trusted tree or rock face to do your business. You can also try answering nature's call while wearing a harness with the Go There™ Pants. Climb at your own risk.

In terms of your PPP (post-pee practices), always be mindful of what you're cleaning with. While the drip dry method works for some, it can lead to UTIs and yeast infections. We also don't recommend using leaves, which may be poisonous (trust us, we've been there). Instead, consider investing in an antimicrobial pee cloth, or reusable toilet paper.

Go forth and pee freely!

How to Pee in Your SheFly Pants How to Pee in Your SheFly Pants
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