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How to Store Your Bike in a Small Space

If you're tight on space then proper bicycle storage isn't just nice, it's a necessity. From studio apartments to garages and even outdoor areas such as a balcony, here are some of the most effective bike storage ideas for your small space. These are also excellent solutions for storing your bike for the winter.

In this article, we will guide you through the best ways to store your bike:


1. Apartment

When you don't own or have access to a garage, just store the bike right in the apartment. Free standing storage, such as the Thule Bike Stacker Storage Unit, won't require drilling into the walls (great for renters), can be moved around the space as needed and displays your bike as the piece of art that it is.

Bike Stacking Storage

Whether you rock a road, cyclocross, mountain or electric bike, these bike storage ideas will work indoors and won't scratch the frame. Feedback Sports has a bike storage stand for bikes with regular sized tires as well as fat tire bikes.

A vertical bike storage stand, such as the Feedback Sports Velo Column or the Velo Cache, is ideal when you have more than 1 bike to keep out of your hallway. They typically hold 2 bikes, but additional options can store up to a total of 4 bikes.

The Velo Column, in particular, is great because it's non-permanent and has soft rubber ends to protect your floors and ceilings from scratches.

Bike Storage Column

A floor stand holds exactly 1 bike. Doesn't matter what type of bike, but the stand itself will hold onto the front or rear tire, or sometimes even the crank spindle. The other tire will then rest on the floor. Shimmy it up to the wall and you won't trip over it while trying to leave for work.

Bike Storage Stand

2. Garage

When it comes to the garage, you might as well get that bike up and off the ground floor. Wall mounted storage is an ideal option,as it frees up floor space for other items. A wall mount is a more permanent option that holds onto the bike frame, usually with padded rubber, to protect it. Place it up there and forget it until winter is over or just your next ride. Wall mounts hang onto just one bike, but if you have the wall space and multiple bikes, placing one above the other or next to each other works well.

The Velo Wall Rack 2D from Feedback Sports can store a wide range of bikes because the arms are adjustable and almost any frame tube shape will fit. It mounts to a standard wall stud with mounting hardware included.

Wall Mount Bike Storage

Feedback Sports also has a very basic wall mount, the Velo Wall Post. This can also fit almost any bike size and has soft rubber contact points to protect the frame and wheels. It mounts to a standard wall stud and comes with the necessary hardware. When it's not being used for storage, it simply folds up and out of the way.

3. Shared Spaces

For those with shared, public spaces, locking your bike can be just as important as storing it. The Hiplock Airlock is a one-of-a-kind option for indoor or even covered, outdoor areas. The sleek design looks good on the wall, holds a single bike by the frame and locks it up with a key. It provides maximum security with the space-saving solution of a wall-mounted bike storage hanger. You'll have to mount it to the wall, but once it's up the bike is secured by the frame. If theft is an issue in your area, remove parts (tires, saddle) as necessary and bring those inside.

Locking Wall Mount Bike Storage
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