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Outdoor performance apparel company, Arc'teryx, has long been a leader in pushing the boundaries of what's possible in contemporary outdoor apparel. Founded in 1989 with a focus on designing innovative backpacks and climbing harnesses, the brand has since expanded its expertise to create apparel for virtually every outdoor activity. Arc'teryx is renowned for creating some of the finest clothing and gear worldwide, but they don't stop there. Their commitment to being environmentally friendly stands out from others in their industry as well. Arc'teryx believes that if you can make a product durable enough to last many years, then it will eliminate the need for constant replacements. This means fewer resources used overall, making sustainability easier than ever before! With this focus on durability comes reliability; no longer do you have to purchase new items each season - now all your outdoor gear remains reliable year-round.

Arc'teryx has developed a unique naming system for their collections that reflects the brand's commitment to innovation and sustainability. The names of each collection are based on the materials used, the design elements, or even specific locations associated with them. By using these distinct characteristics as part of its product labeling, Arc'teryx ensures that customers can quickly identify which items will best meet their needs – whether it’s lightweight protection from harsh winds or superior performance during outdoor activities in varying climates. This system can be both a blessing and a curse. While the distinct characteristics of each item make it easier to identify which items will best meet your needs, they can also get confusing. That’s why we’ve broken down the names of each collection to help make shopping with Arc'teryx a breeze.

Naming Scheme

Arc’teryx breaks down their naming scheme into a few distinct parts; Collections, Product Modifiers, and Product Families. Each of these classifications helps narrow down the intention or technologies behind their products.

  • three hikers scale a mountain ridge while the sun rises
Hiking with the wrong gear can be dangerous. Good thing Arc’teryx has everything you need to be safe in the outdoors!

The collections are the broadest category and include Alpinism and Climbing, Arc'teryx Essentials, Hiking and Trekking, and Skiing and Snowboarding. These collections each target a specific activity and offer unique technologies for improving performance in that area.

Within each collection you’ll find product modifiers – elements that denote a specific construction or feature such as insulation technology, fabric construction, or a certain type of fit. These modifiers can be included in the product name to make it easier for customers to zero in on the exact piece they’re looking for. Product modifiers would include AR (All-Round), FL (Fast and Light), and SV (Severe Weather).

Finally there are product families which further narrow down specific items within each collection. Examples include Atom for synthetic midlayers, Norvan for trail running in challenging terrain, and Cerium for technical down insulation.

With each classification and modifier, it can become easier to understand which items are best suited for your outdoor lifestyle. By breaking down the names of Arc'teryx's collections, you'll have no problem finding the perfect item to keep you comfortable and safe when working up a sweat outdoors.


  • A climber rests on a portaledge high above the ground
  • A close-up of a climbing harness covered in chalk on a pile of climbing gear
This definitely makes one of the top 5 worst places to drop your phone

Alpinism and Climbing

The Alpinism and Climbing collection from Arc'teryx is designed to provide the highest level of protection, comfort, and performance for those who love to explore mountains and canyons. This collection features innovative technologies such as waterproof-breathable fabrics that keep you dry in wet conditions, lightweight insulation technology for extra warmth on cold days, and advanced construction techniques that ensure durability without compromising weight or mobility. With its focus on cutting edge materials and design elements, this collection truly stands out in terms of providing an unbeatable combination of protection and performance - perfect for whatever adventures you have planned! Some products you will find in the Alpinism and Climbing collection are climbing harnesses, approach shoes, chalk bags and lightweight climbing/ summit packs, and other gear meant to withstand the abuse of ropes, rocks, and other gear.

  • A runner makes her way along a cliff ridge
Pro Tip: If you’re trying to set a new PR or record, try running downhill to keep pace!

Arc’teryx Essentials

The Arc'teryx Essentials collection is crafted to offer the ideal balance of form and function. Featuring lightweight fabrics, advanced construction techniques, and innovative design elements, this collection offers a wide range of items that are perfect for everything from hiking to skiing. Whether you're looking for protection from wind and rain or something to keep you warm on cold nights outdoors, Arc'teryx Essentials has got you covered. With its focus on providing maximum utility without compromising quality or durability, this collection is sure to become your go-to choice when venturing out into the wild!

  • Three backpackers hike through a field with mountains in the background
Arc’teryx packs are great for everything from quick day hikes to multi-day expeditions

Hiking and Trekking

This collection boasts lightweight, breathable fabrics that are both resilient and provide excellent protection from the elements. Moreover, advanced construction techniques guarantee full mobility while making sure you stay nice and warm in any weather condition. To top it off - practical pockets and straps allow for convenient access to your most used items. Whether you're looking for a practical jacket to keep you warm on cold nights outdoors or something suitable for more extreme activities such as mountaineering, this collection has it all! With its focus on providing the highest level of utility without sacrificing style or comfort, the Hiking and Trekking collection from Arc'teryx is sure to become your go-to choice when exploring nature's wonders.

  • A trail runner makes her way up a rocky trail
For rocky uneven trails, solid footwear is important to avoid slipping or injury


Whether you’re looking for a trendy piece of clothing that can handle your outdoor adventures or something stylish enough to wear around town, this collection has something to suit every taste! With its focus on providing pieces with an unbeatable combination of utility and style, the Arc'teryx Lifestyle collection will become your go-to choice when heading out into nature's wonders. From lightweight rainwear to technical down insulation, this collection has something for every occasion. Some of the items you can expect to find in this collection are casual jackets, insulated vests, technical t-shirts, and even durable pants suitable for hiking.

  • Three hikers make their way through a snowfield under headlamp light
With ever-changing winter conditions, it’s important to have outerwear capable of handling nature's worst, while still allowing peak performance.

Skiing and Snowboarding

Whether you're looking for a practical jacket to keep you warm on cold days out in the snow or something suitable for more extreme activities such as backcountry skiing, this collection has it all! From lightweight insulators to technical ski jackets, this collection features everything you need to explore the mountains in style and comfort. With its focus on providing unbeatable utility without sacrificing style or comfort, the Skiing and Snowboarding collection from Arc'teryx is sure to become your go-to choice when exploring nature's wonders. Some items included in this product category include avalanche airbags, technical ski jackets, snow pants and insulated layers - all designed to protect you from the cold while helping you perform your best.

Trail Running

For those who love to explore nature's wonders on foot, the Trail Running collection from Arc'teryx is sure to become your go-to choice. This collection offers a unique blend of lightweight fabrics, exceptional construction techniques that guarantee both warmth and movement without sacrificing comfort or protection from the elements, as well as inventive design details such as pockets and straps for easy access to essential items. This cutting-edge selection ensures you can confidently face any condition with assurance. Whether you're looking for a practical jacket to keep you warm on cold days out in the wild or something suitable for more extreme activities such as trail running, this collection has it all! With its focus on providing unbeatable utility without sacrificing style or comfort, the Trail Running collection from Arc'teryx is perfect for any outdoor adventure!

  • Two trail runners make their way along a rock scramble
Having a running vest or pack is a great way to carry extra layers, water, or snacks.


The Veilance collection from Arc'teryx is designed to provide the perfect combination of fashion, function, and performance. This collection offers a selection of ultra-lightweight pieces crafted with high-performance fabrics that are both resistant to weather elements and breathable. The construction techniques used ensure maximum mobility without compromising warmth or protection, while the thoughtful design elements such as pockets and straps provide easy access to essential items. Whether you're looking for something stylish enough to wear around town or a practical piece of clothing that can handle your outdoor adventures, this collection has it all! With its focus on providing unbeatable utility without sacrificing style or comfort, the Veilance collection from Arc'teryx is sure to become your go-to choice when exploring nature’s wonders.

Product Families

Products that are alike can be bundled together into families. These collections usually possess common features in terms of design. or technologies used.

  • A close-up image of a hiker wearing a hood and jacket while at the top of a mountain
Having additional layers is always a good idea when there's a possibility of encountering variable conditions.


The Alpha line is designed for the most demanding outdoor activities including climbing and mountaineering. Using a combination of GORE-TEX, durable face fabrics, and proprietary patterning technologies, these garments are built to stand up to extreme conditions without compromising on mobility or comfort when exploring alpine environments.


Designed for versatility, the Beta family is suitable for a variety of activities including running and biking, as well as more intense activities such as alpine expeditions. This line features a combination of waterproof-breathable fabrics, innovative patterning and construction techniques, as well as thoughtful details like adjustable hoods and pockets.


Arc'teryx's own fleece collection, Delta is known for thermally efficient midlayers that keep you warm and comfortable no matter where your adventures take you. This line is crafted using the latest construction technologies, which ensures superior warmth without sacrificing breathability or range of motion.

  • A close-up image of a hiker wearing a hood and jacket while at the top of a mountain
Having additional layers is always a good idea when there's a possibility of encountering variable conditions.


The Gamma line is designed for fast-and-light missions into the backcountry with durable softshell outerwear. This collection features advanced fabric technologies that are both waterproof and breathable, allowing you to move freely while providing maximum protection from the elements.


The Rho line is designed for optimal layering with stretchy base layers focused on moisture management and thermal efficiency. This collection utilizes advanced fabrics to provide comfort and mobility, with a range of styles for any outdoor activity. Some items in the Rho family include wool tights, beanies, gloves, quarter zips, and hoodies.


The Sigma line consists of softshell climbing and mountaineering products focused on range of motion and breathability. This collection utilizes proprietary construction technologies to provide superior waterproofing and weather protection while remaining lightweight and comfortable. Items in this family include jackets, pants, hoodies, and softshell gloves.


The Zeta line is designed for lightweight hiking and trekking. These garments provide unbeatable protection from the elements while remaining lightweight and breathable. With their focus on providing maximum utility without sacrificing style or comfort, the Zeta line from Arc'teryx is perfect for those looking to keep weight to a minimum on their next adventure.


Their urban line of apparel is designed for everyday wear that seamlessly transitions from office to outdoor. Combining advanced materials with the latest in garment technology, A2B ensures maximum breathability and weather-resistant protection without sacrificing comfort or style.


For ultimate comfort and warmth, the Atom line of synthetic insulation garments is your go-to choice. Constructed with water-resistant fabrics and a layer of synthetic insulation, these garments are designed to offer superior protection against all climates. With their versatility and durability, you can trust that these pieces will perform in any condition.

  • A climber looks off in the distance while the sun sets behind him
Conditions can change drastically in the mountains, having an extra midlayer (or two) is always a good idea.


The Bora line consists of backpacks designed for multi-day trekking expeditions that require increased durability for their weight.

  • A hiker takes a quick nap in the grass while leaning against his backpack
Arc’teryx backpacks are purpose-built for everything from backcountry skiing to day hikes to multi-day expeditions


The Cerium family of down insulation offers an ultra-lightweight, yet highly efficient option for those who prefer minimalistic design. Not only is the warmth to weight ratio substantial, but this type of technical down insulation also packs a serious punch in terms of performance.


For the harshest of climates and conditions, Fission's outerwear line offers superior protection with waterproof insulated layers that are guaranteed to keep you warm in cold and wet weather. Not only are our products windproof and waterproof, they also have increased durability to safeguard against any environmental threats.


Designed for high-output activities, this family of base layers focuses on moisture management. It features advanced fabrics with superior wicking capabilities to keep you cool, comfortable and dry during high-intensity exercise. With their lightweight construction and range of styles, Motus apparel is perfect for any performance activity.


The Norvan line is focused on trail-running shoes and clothing for challenging terrain and mixed elements. This collection is designed for maximum agility with lightweight materials that provide all-day comfort, protection and performance. With their combination of advanced fabrics, strategic fit and cushioning technologies Norvan gear is sure to help you take on the most rigorous trails.

  • A climber transitions from her approach shoes to climbing shoes, while holding her approach shoe in her mouth
While Norvan shoes may be light and durable, they are definitely not known for being calorie dense. Or flavorful.


Proton is a set of mid-layers packed with synthetic insulation, and bolstered by durable outer material that can battle abrasion and bad weather. It's the perfect companion to its sister collection Atom, offering users greater protection from everyday wear-and-tear.


The Satoro line is focused on delivering superior comfort for their baselayer family. This collection focuses on utilizing merino wool for its anti-microbial and odor reducing properties. With their quick-drying capabilities, the Satoro base layers are perfect for a variety of active lifestyles.


Keep your core comfy and cozy with these light yet durable down insulated mid layers that bring warmth to your outdoor adventures. The Thorium line specializes in lightweight, compressible insulation with the perfect balance of warmth and breathability.

  • A backpacker gives the cameraman a high-five at the summit
Summit high-fives are nice, but a summit beer is even better.
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Avast! I am the General Manager of East Lansing but hail from New England. Before moving to Michigan, I spent several years leading trips up and down the California coast and parts of the South-West. Whenever I have free time, I find myself backpacking, climbing, skiing, disc golfin', and teaching about the outdoors. I'll defend Chaco toe-straps till I die and will always preach the values of "Leave No Trace". Ask me your Q's 'cus I got A's!

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