Cover yourself from head to toe in GORE-TEX® protection. Jacket, pants, footwear, even a hat! A waterproof, windproof and breathable outfit that will spend time with you on all your adventurous outings into the woods and mountains. We're talking a rain, snow and wind barrier for hiking, climbing, mountaineering, skiing, mountain biking and more. Get rowdy, have fun, and enjoy the weather Mother Nature offers up, wrapped in the dry safety of GORE-TEX® technology.

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The Latest from GORE-TEX

Paclite® products are lightweight and save space. The outer fabric, GORE-TEX® membrane, and Paclite® are bonded together, creating a waterproof, windproof item that stuffs into your pack for later. Whatever the activity, stay dry.

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GORE-TEX® Pro fabric holds up to harsh, wet weather. The 3-layers feature an outer fabric, GORE-TEX® membrane, and Gore Micro Grid Backer. It's waterproof and breathable, so as body heat rises, moisture vapors are able to escape.

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GORE-TEX® Active is made for moving fast. The 3-layers consist of a thin, light GORE-TEX® membrane beneath an outer fabric. A backer is laminated directly to the membrane, allowing moisture vapors to escape from the inside out.

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GORE® C-KNIT™ is a backer fabric used in 3-layer systems for next-to-skin comfort and less bulk. Waterproof, windproof protection is important, as is comfort and weight. C-KNIT™ fabric is softer, lighter, and more breathable.

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GORE-TEX® SURROUND® wraps each foot in a waterproof, breathable membrane, for dry comfort from heel to toe. SURROUND® is a membrane, letting moisture vapors escape, while preventing water from entering the shoe.

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GORE-TEX® products are covered by the GORE-TEX® GUARANTEED TO KEEP YOU DRY® Promise. If you are not completely satisfied with the waterproofness, windproofness, or breathability, GORE-TEX® will repair, replace, or refund.

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GORE-TEX® Care Instructions

How to Wash Gore-Tex Outerwear

Outerwear can and needs to be cleaned to perform at its best. Close all zippers, use liquid detergent in a non-agitating washing mashing on permanent press, then rinse twice. Line dry or tumble dry on a warm, low cycle.

How to Wash Gore-Tex Footwear

Once off the trail, shake out any sand or dirt from the inside. For the exterior, use a soft brush or cloth and lukewarm water to get all the dirt and grime free. Air dry in moderate temperatures, avoiding direct heat.

How to Wash Gore-Tex Gloves

Gloves and mitts should be hand washed when it's time to clean. Use a little detergent, but skip fabric softener. Rinse well and squeeze out excess water. Dry with the wrist pointed down and out of direct sun or heat.