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The North Face started making innovative products over forty years ago. Since then, these guys have been responsible for original waterproof jackets, the bombproof TNF Nuptse Down Jacket, and the classic Denali fleece jacket. If any one knows the ins and outs of a jacket, it's The North Face.


TNF Hard Shells

North Face Waterproof Jackets

North Face Womens Shell
TNF Hard Shell Jackets: Each North Face hard-shell jacket is made with today's best fabrics from the world's finest suppliers. Their jackets use fabrics from Gore-Tex and Hyvent. The Gore-Tex fabrics are from their Pro Shell and Performance Shell lines. The Gore-Tex Pro Shell is designed and made with the best fabrics and an advanced waterproof membrane, keeping you dry and toasty no matter the weather or activity

These jackets are made for the serious enthusiast. You know: the ones that enjoy a blizzard, not the ones who only leave home if they have to. The Performance Shell is designed for a wide range of activities. So, no matter what you're doing, you'll be protected. It's made using a revolutionary patented waterproof membrane that forms a barrier to block out water and wind while maintaining breathability. Cool, right? We think so too, that's why we carry it.

Hyvent has an amazing line of fabrics that are designed to channel moisture away from your body while at the same time keeping the water and wind out.

  • The 2-layer and 3-layer Hyvent fabrics are designed using a polyurethane coating that is a multilayer formula for waterproof protection, moisture permeability and durability.
  • They also supply a Hyvent DT fabric, which uses technology similar to their 3-layer fabric, but the third layer is a thinner high-performance, protective coating that ensures durability while providing a layer between the skin and garment. The technology in Hyvent DT allows the garment to move easily over other layers.
  • The Hyvent Alpha series fabric consists of a waterproof barrier that has nearly half a million holes per square inch, allowing perspiration to escape before it condenses into liquid. Alpha is made with a laminate that uses a really awesome technology. It's so awesome that if I told you what it was called you would be tempted to French kiss your Canadian neighbor. EH?! This stuff is good; keeping you warm, dry and comfortable no matter what Mother Nature throws your way.


TNF Fleece

Mens TNF Fleece Jackets

Womens TNF Fleece Jackets
TNF Fleece Jackets: The North Face makes awesome fleece jackets. That's something that pretty much every human person on the planet knows. What they might not know is the whole story of why those fleece jackets are so frickin' sweet. I'll let you in on the secret: it's all about the fabrics.

The North Face proprietary fleece fabric is called TKA. That stands for Thermal Kinetic Advancement, which is pretty much synonymous superior superior insulation and wear-resistance. The North Face offers products, like pants, zip-ups, and jackets, in three different weights of TKA fleece.

  • TKA 100 is a lightweight, high-performance microfiber fleece. It's the lightest TKA fleece, so it provides warmth next to the skin or in a layering system.
  • TKA 200 is the midweight TKA fleece. I considered putting the heavyweight fleece next, but I figured it would confuse everyone. TKA 200 has a killer warmth-to-weight ratio, and is totally ideal to wear as a midlayer or a jacket on cool-ish days.
  • TKA 300 fleece is the real killer stuff. This mid to heavy weight fleece makes up jackets like the venerable North Face Khumbu, so you know it's warm. TKA 300 can be worn as a serious layering piece or as a stand-alone jacket on cooler days.

It's totally worth noting that The North Face also uses Polartec fleece for its fleece jackets. Polartec fabrics are pretty much the standard for fleece. You'll recognize some of the most famous fleece jackets from North Face as being made with Polartec fleece.

There are three weights of Polartec Classic, there's Polartec Thermal, and there's Polartec Eco, which is made from 50 percent recycled materials. The recycled content is made from 90 percent post-industrial waste and 10 percent post-consumer waste, and using it in production of Polartec interrupts the flow of resources to the landfill. So, that means less waste goes out into the world and more comfortable North Face Fleeces. Sounds good to me.

The North Face recycled Polartec has been updated with 100 percent Bluesign approved fabrics for the entire garment. Bluesign technologies is a leader in the new, rapidly growing market of Environmental Health and Safety management. Bluesign helps The North Face to aggressively and responsibly integrate environmental, economic, philanthropic, and social initiatives into its business practices.


TNF Soft Shells

TNF Soft Shell Jacket
TNF Softshell Jackets: The North Face uses proprietary TNF fabrics in their soft shell jackets: namely TNF Apex fabrics for superior windblocking. TNF Apex fabrics are treated with DWR (durable water repellant) to increase water shed.

  • Apex Aerobic is the lightest, most breathable of the Apex fabrics. TNF Apex Aerobic offers killer stretch and mobility, making it ideal for running, cycling, and other highly mobile aerobic activities. Apex Aerobic has a wind permeability rating of 10 CFM, and is DWR treated to repel moisture.
  • TNF Apex Universal is the most versatile of the TNF softshell fabrics. It's got a wind permeability rating of 0 CFM, which is 100 percent windproof, and the DWR finish to shed moisture.
  • The TNF Apex Climateblock fabric used in the Bionic jacket line is really top of the line. As the most protective Apex fabric, it's virtually waterproof and windproof while at the same time being really comfortable. Apex Climateblock is wind permeability rated at 0 CFM. Wear a jacket with Apex Climateblock, like the venerable Apex Bionic Jacket, while skiing, snowshoeing, or cold weather trekking. My girlfriend has a hard time taking her Apex Bionic Jacket off, but that could be because I leave the thermostat set low in the winter.

Isn't that just the bees knees?

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