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It's all about climbing and skiing

Rooted deep in skiing and climbing, Black Diamond is a company that excels and creates gear to keep you on the snow, ice, and rock. The range of products will up your performance level as well as keep you safe and having fun in the mountains. A brand made up of dreamers and adventurers just like you that strive to create better gear. Off-mountain and out of the workshop, Black Diamond works to help the community around them, partnering with avalanche centers, championing sustainability efforts in material selection, manufacturing, and even maintaining a list of guide partners for those less experienced. Spend more time in the outdoors honing your climbing and skiing skills for a future of staring at mountains instead of computer screens.

Men's Black Diamond

Black Diamond men's apparel has the wearables available to get you climbing, hiking, skiing, mountaineering and more. Start off slow with daily wear that looks the part when around town, but can still function out on a quick day hike. When the adventure kicks up a notch, find yourself in non-restrictive pants with a gusset that's built to climb. Durable outerwear protects against the elements from rainshells to snow bibs. Seasons change and the mountains can get cold, so reach for an insulated puffy jacket when winter hits. Loads of options to keep you active in your adventure of choice.

Men's Black Diamond
Men's Black Diamond Gear and Apparel at Moosejaw

Women's Black Diamond

From chic lifestyle pieces to protective outerwear, Black Diamond is ready to dress you up comfortably. Rain jackets that shield against a wet day to a full kit to keep you comfortable while ski touring. Movement-friendly pieces for climbing or yoga that look great when you're just popping into town to run a few errands. A vest that will insulate the core while hiking on a chilly day to a softshell that keeps the wind off, it all keeps your motor going when deep into the excursion. Start with a BD base layer, then an insulating mid layer, and finish up with a hardshell for weather protection.

Women's Black Diamond
Women's Black Diamond Gear and Apparel at Moosejaw

Climbing Gear

At the heart of Black Diamond is a group of climbers and skiers, so if you're looking at tackling some rock, snow, or ice you've come to the right place. They've created a range of gear that will get you on the rock, in the gym or up in the mountains. Built with purpose since 1957, there are shoes and crash pads for bouldering, beginner gear for the new gym climber, and more advanced gear for the seasoned trad veteran. Durable ropes and ice axes for the icy mountain to get you to the top safely. Trust in the gear they make because they're climbers too.

Climbing Gear
Black Diamond Climbing Gear at Moosejaw

Ski & Snow Gear

Frolic in the snowy mountains with Black Diamond gear to support your adventure. Waterproof shells, puffy insulating jackets, mitts, and snow bibs are just some of the outerwear pieces that will keep you toasty and protected in the outdoors. The skis, poles, avalanche safety equipment, and packs help make the journey fun and safe. Built from the knowledge of seasoned skiers, the durable gear delivers season after season. Black Diamond is committed to creating better gear out of their own experiences.

Ski & Snow Gear
Black Diamond Skiing Gear at Moosejaw

Hike & Camp Gear

Whether you're taking on short hikes or long backpacking trips, Black Diamond has you covered in the gear department. Durable packs to haul all the gear necessary, from hydration and an extra layer to the whole kit and caboodle. Light the night with headlamps that can handle the trail thanks to dustproof and waterproof options. Lean on trustworthy trekking poles to help you through the ups, downs, switchbacks, and water crossings. When it's time to pitch camp, BD has shelter covered whether you're a solo adventurer or bunking with a friend.

Hike & Camp Gear
Black Diamond Hiking and Camping Gear at Moosejaw
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