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Prana Women's Lahari Halter Top
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Prana Women's Tavarua Bottom
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Prana Women's Rena Reversible Bottom
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Lole Women's Azur Tankini
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Prana Women's Zira Top
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Lole Women's Rio Bottom
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About Women's Swimwear and Bikinis:

For the first 13 years of my life I didn’t have a bathing suit, somehow my parents just overlooked getting me one or mentioning that they existed. I would just go swimming fully clothed. One day, as I was emerging from the water wearing a pair of jeans and a hoodie one of my friend asked me why I never bring any swimwear to her pool. That was the beginning of a new world for me.

You see, I thought that everyone else in a bikini was just wearing super fast drying underwear and bras. The first time I saw one of my friends in one piece bathing suit I assumed that they were just wearing a gymnastics or a speed skating outfit. Finding out that there was clothing designed specifically for swimming came as a shock at first, when I asked my parents why they’d never given me a bathing suit they both stared at each other and I could actually see the moment when they both realized that they had thought the other was going to explain to me the facts of life in the water.

Now I have so much swimwear that I am actually wearing a bathing suit at work today. I keep catching the guy who sits next to me staring. I can’t tell if its because how cute my bathing suit is or because I accessorized so well with a snorkel, flippers and a large pair of goggles. Either way, the best women’s swimwear from all of the top brands is the only way to go, and fortunately, that’s exactly what you are looking at on this page. You’re going to look great at the beach, pool or office, where you wear your bathing suit is really up to you.




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