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Ski Jackets

There's so much to tell about ski jackets, I don't know where to begin. First of all, they're generally for skiing, but I guess you can wear your ski jacket doing other stuff, too. I don't even think you have to rename to based on what you're doing. Like, this is my waiting in line at the grocery store jacket, or my talking to grams on the phone jacket.

Anyway, there are few different kinds of ski jackets you should know about. First off, check out down ski jackets. They're insulated with down to keep you toasty warm. Down is feathers, for those not in the know. Goose feathers, usually. Then, there are a bunch of different weights of down. They call it fill-power. As the number goes up, so does the warmth. The benefit for down on the slopes is that it actually helps regulate your body temperature, so it doesn't just keep you warm, it keeps you comfortable.

You can also take the synthetic insulation ski jacket route. The sweet thing about synthetic insulation is that it continues to keep you warm even when it's wet. That's pretty important when you're dealing with wet snow conditions. Synthetic insulation, if you get the good kind, is almost as lightweight as down, so your jacket won't be weighing you down. I like homonyms.

Another popular ski jacket style that I'm supposed to tell you about it the 3-in-1 jacket. They call it that because it's three jackets in one. Usually, an inner insulating jacket, like a fleece or an insulated jacket, and then an outer shell that's waterproof, windproof, or both. You could wear the insulation or the shell alone, or zip them together for a super-jacket. Check out 3-in-1 jackets like The North Face Triclimate Jackets or Marmot Component Jackets.

For more info on how awesome ski jackets are, and stuff about ski jackets for men, women, and kids, plus some name dropping about brands we like, check out this about ski jackets that I made my intern write. That sentence was pretty long.


Check Out These Ski Jackets




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