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GORE-TEX Gloves + Mitts for human hands
The North Face Etip Glove
- $44.95
Reg: $44.95
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The North Face Men's Denali Glove
Reg: $29.95
27% off
Marmot 8000 Meter Mitt
Free Shipping
Black Diamond Crew Glove
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The North Face Powerstretch Glove
- $34.95
Reg: $34.95
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Arcteryx Alpha SV Glove
- $274.95
Reg: $274.95 - $298.95
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Hestra Vertical Cut Freeride Glove
$92.99 - $126.99
Reg: $169.95
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Black Diamond Super Rambla Glove
- $159.95
Reg: $159.95
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Outdoor Research Men's HighCamp Glove
Reg: $84.95
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Outdoor Research Men's Blackpowder Glove
Reg: $75.00
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Black Diamond Guide Gloves
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Mountain Hardwear Heracles Glove
- $79.95
Reg: $79.95
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Black Diamond WoolWeight Gloves
Reg: $42.95
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Black Diamond Patrol Gloves
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Mountain Hardwear Power Stretch Glove
- $29.95
Reg: $29.95 - $31.95
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Arcteryx Beta AR Glove
- $264.95
Reg: $234.95 - $264.95
Up to 20% off
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About Men's Gloves for Winter, Skiing, and more:

You need a pair of gloves or mitts because your hands love you and they want to be with you for years to come, so it’s important to protect them. The best gloves for you depends on what kind of adventure you have planned. Feature like kevlar construction, waterproofing and Gore-tex are things to look for if you are going to be doing any serious winter adventuring.

Even if you don’t need gloves or mitts for a snowboarding, hiking or skiing journey there are still a lot of options to look into for hand warming and protecting technology. One of the coolest innovations in gloves has been the advent of the conductive fingertip surface, so you no longer have to choose between keeping your hands warm and operating a touch screen cell phone.

The idea of conductive fingertips on gloves makes me wonder about the future of glove-wearing. It seems inevitable now that gloves will someday be able to launch lightning bolts from their fingertips. People will use the lightning bolts for everything, like charging a cell phone or reheating a pizza. Mmmmm lightning pizza, so good. Also, the electroglove will be great for impressing girls, they’ll be all like “Oh yeah, when we met I felt this spark.” Thats because I hit you with 10,000 volts baby.

The most important thing to remember when you are selecting gloves or mitts is that each pair is unique, if you are a modern renaissance man you may need several styles to better suit all of the crazy shenanigans you want to get into.




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