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About Kids' Socks for Boys and Girls:

There is nothing more awesome than a great pair of socks, except maybe a robot unicorn with a platter of freshly made sliders from one of those mom and pop tile burger palaces. Ugh, now I can’t stop thinking about freshly grilled onions and a hot batch of fries, it’s going to make talking about kids socks difficult. Deep breath man, you can do this.

Ok. Socks, you wear them on your feet, usually with shoes, but sometimes without. Socks with wool in them are great because they stop your feet from getting moist which helps prevent blisters. Blisters are especially painful when you are kid because your body is smaller and the blister takes up a larger percentage of your existence.

Socks are awesome and downright necessary during a lot of outdoor adventure activities. Hiking, snowboarding and climbing all have socks that are designed to make each sport more comfortable and enjoyable. Did you know that you aren’t supposed to let your kids wear socks with sandals? My parents didn’t, they even enabled my fashion faux pas by getting me a pair of rainbow toe socks. I was an odd child.

Having the right pair of socks when you take your children out on an adventure can mean the difference between having a pleasant vacation or one of those trips where all you hear is exasperated sighs and complaints about aching feet.




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