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Photo Hunt
Since the moment Thomas Telford infamously spotted the face of a platypus in the pebbles of the Severn river at Montford, Photo Hunting has been the primary pastime of the working class everywhere. With that storied history in mind, we present Moosejaw Photo Hunt.

Have a close look at the 2 pictures and try to spot the 6 differences between them. Simply click on the difference on either photo to mark it. Find all 6 differences to reach the next level. You’ll have 45 seconds to complete each level.

You are allowed a limited number of mistakes per level, so be careful where you click. An incorrect click will take 3 seconds off the clock.

They’re saying you should try to complete all the levels, and do it as quickly as you can.
Ready, set, go.

Game Over

You earned points.



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