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In the spirit of firsts, we've put together a little list of firsts. Check them out or don't.

1. The first left-handed Arctic Expedition lead by James Cook.
2. The Sunbeam T-20 -the first automatic toaster
3. The first time I caught a fish. It was in my neighbor's pond and they were pretty upset.
4. The first ever hot-air balloon flight in 1783 by brothers Joseph-Michael and Jacques-Etienne Montgolfier. They were in a fight and went the whole flight without speaking.
5. The first time I had a cold soup. It was a Vichyssoise, not a gazpacho and I regret it everyday.
6. Steel Magonlias - the first movie that made me cry 4 separate times.
7. Info.cern.ch – the first website ever.
7. The first website I ever bookmarked http://www.homerswebpage.com
8. The first book I ever finished - 1986: The Softer Side of George Orwell
9. Did you catch that we did two #7's on purpose?

Love the madness,

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