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About Volcom

During the march dumps of 1991 Volcom founders, Richard Woolcott and Tucker Hall set off on a snowboard trip that would forever change their lives. Tucker had just been laid off of work and jumped in the car on a routine Tahoe trip to visit Nathan Fletcher and Mark Gabriel. After riding four days of fresh, Richard called work with the excuse that they were snowed in and extended his stay. For more than a week, these Volcom stone masterminds awoke every morning with two new feet of snow. It was their first real experience riding powder and skipping out on work. Neeless to say, the new obsession wouldn't stop. Let's face it, after riding fresh powder and going broke all at the same time, it can be a thrilling adventure.

In fact, so thrilling that weeks later Richard said adios to his job in order to take some time off and support his frenzied snowboarding addiction. In the process of chilln' everyday on the slopes, he and Tucker had also talked of starting a clothing company, which would later develop into Volcom Clothing. Later that spring, with an initial $5000 from Richard's dad's piggy bank, they started the process of going into debt to create a rockn' clothing company.

Turns out the Volcom family was totally not into accepting societal pressures of living like a robot in a blue IBM bureaucratic suit, so Volcom incorporated a major philosophy of the times, "youth against establishment". Volcom Clothing grasps youthful attention by helping to express the artistic talent of the future leaders of this country, something greatly overlooked by so many companies these days. What's up with that? In any case, Volcom Clothing started in a time when snowboarding and skateboarding was looked down on. The U.S. was going a bit crazy with a recession, the Gulf war and more political stuff, blah blah blah, like riots. Change was in the air and man was it necessary because the American people were pulling their hair out and the asian fine wig market was declining rapidly. Thankfully American heros, Nirvana and Pearl Jam, came to the rescue and expressed it the best. And the guys at Volcom loved to wear boardshorts.

For the first two years the Volcom business side of things was minimal. So minimal that to stay green, the Volcom headquarters were set up in Newport in Richard's bedroom and all Volcom sales were run out of Tucker's bedroom in Huntington. I really don't think the green revolution was a big thing then, or even if they knew about it, but it makes the bedroom office thing sound quirky. Although, who knows what green stuff they had growing in their bedrooms. I could think of a lot of green things that grow like: mold, mildew, trees, the Jolly Green Giant, boogers and some other stuff that I don't need to mention. You probably won't want to eat green beans for a while after that juxtaposition. Anywho, unfortunately they didn't see much green in the first two years of business as their Volcom Clothing sales were a mere $2600. The two knew nothing about how to make Volcom clothes but that didn't matter. It was all about the Volcom spirit and creativity.

Since those wild beginnings, the Volcom Clothing has spread slowly across the world like the race between the tortoise and the hare. Volcom Clothing has matured internally but continues to run off the same philosophy it started with. Now with a wide selection of Volcom clothing, the manufacturing process has become much more rad. In a collaborative effort between the Volcom Clothing team, designers, and Volcom's hand-picked, from the fabric tree of course, the most advanced fabric manufacturers, Volcom clothing has developed the highest quality garments available for the coolest people. Volcom clothing created a killer V-Science rating chart, which essentially is a 7-level rating system for waterproofing and breathability designed to match each Volcom garment's specific function intentions. Basically, this whole system is totally rad and just one extra step that Volcom Clothing including the line of Volcom Boardshorts takes to deliver you the best.

Bottom Line: Skipping work with an ingenious lame excuse can lead to great things in life.




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