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Smartwool Women's PhD SmartLoft Divide Full Zip
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Smartwool Mountaineering Extra Heavy Crew Sock

Picked these up to use in my drysuit while diving. My feet have never been warmer on an Ice dive then while wearing these. I cannot believe how warm my feed stay, even while…
- raymond, 03/24/14

I recently bought this socks and I love them, they are super warm and comfortable, the cushion is amazing. 100% recommended for mountaineering and winter hiking.…
- Luis, 07/05/13

Smartwool Trekking Heavy Crew Sock

These socks have been on my feet for about 30 miles of snow hikes. They keep my feed from sweating while keeping them nice and warm. Used them while four wheeling in march i…
- raymond, 03/24/14

Almost exclusively wear these socks on backpacking expeditions. In the warm months they keep my feet blister free. In colder weather, they keep my feet warm. They don't dry as…
- Andy, 11/26/13

Smartwool Women's Hiking Light Crew Sock

I'm a city girl, and wear 5in strappy heels daily. I had to travel to a cold weather location for work, and needed to get some base layers (including socks). After reading r…
- Judy, 12/28/13
Los Angeles

I tend to blister easy...tmi, I know. I got these after a friend recommended them to because of that. These socks have helped prevent me from getting blisters on long hikes. T…
- Rhonnie, 12/01/13

Smartwool Women's Hiking Medium Crew Sock

I bought these for my wife because all of her socks suffered from cheapitis. Upon wearing them over the course of a cold winter day she said, ‚ÄúThese are the greatest, warme…
- Eli, 03/08/12

For the five years, I've bought a three or four pair of these every year for christmas. This year, the tradition will end. Currently have over twenty pair, and they are all…
- Natalie, 12/20/11
Chattanooga, TN



About Smartwool

SmartWool makes products that are super comfortable and reliable. Started by a couple of ski instructors in New England, more than 17 years ago, SmartWool is now headquartered in the beautiful Colorado Rockies. The company thrives on love for the great outdoors and is inspired to create products capable of keeping people outdoors longer. And don't worry about staying warm and cozy on your next adventure, SmartWool products are designed with those needs in mind. Trust me, these guys know a thing or two about what it takes to stay comfortable in some of the World's harshest climates.

SmartWool uses only the best Merino wool, which comes from Merino sheep that dominate the mountains of New Zealand. There's even a school for the sheep, where they're taught that creating quality wool, for the all cools in the world, is more important than a college education. And whether you're running, hiking, or cycling, you'll stay totally comfortable thanks to SmartWool and they're wonderful sheep friends. Now would be a good time to Google a picture of the majestic Merino sheep. You know you want too! It's cool, I've done that like 7 times trying to write the sentence.

SmartWool socks are the real deal. Made from Merino wool and with the help of WOW technology, the socks are light-weight, odorless, and comfortable. Have you noticed how I'm stressing that they're comfortable? It's a big deal. Comfort is key when you're being active in the great outdoors. More comfort also comes from less blisters, which the socks sure help with. Plus, every sock is made right here in the U.S.A., after the wool is brought in from New Zealand.

SmartWool socks are super legit, but so are the other SmartWool products made for men and women. I bet you didn't even know they made midweight and microweight clothing. Maybe you did, I don't care. Either way, base layers and sweaters crafted by SmartWool help regulate your body temperature, while accessories such as gloves and beanies provide the finishing touch to keep you bundled. SmartWool products are made light-weight and are ideal for outdoor activities. So, go tear up that mountain and make all the cools jealous. Or, go to the bar and just look wicked cool. Also, don't forget to Google Merino sheep and look at pictures. My girlfriend thinks they're just so cute.





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