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Prana Women's Moorea Tankini Top
- $69.95
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Lole Women's Masai Tankini
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Patagonia Women's Eiron Tankini
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Carve Designs Women's Lucia Tankini
$32.99 - $39.99
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Lole Women's Aruba Tankini
Reg: $54.95
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Lole Women's Azur Tankini
- $59.95
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Lole Women's Argentina Tankini
Reg: $59.95
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Lole Women's Argentina Tankini
- $59.95
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About Women's Tankinis:

A tankini is not a delicious beverage that comes with an umbrella in it. Nor is it an adorable miniature tank, like the kind that makes explosions. A tankini is one of those awesome fusions of fashions that make me really happy that we live in such an awesome period in history. Scientists and designers somewhere decide that what the world needs is a combination of a tank top and a bikini, and thus the tankini was born.

If you are an awesome adventure woman like me you aren���t always sure where you are going when you leave the house. Having a tankini means that you are just as ready for a night of dancing as you are for a day at the beach. Or maybe you���ll be ready for both. These are some the cutest and best tankinis that I have ever seen, I���ve actually started quite the collection. A great women���s tankini pays as much attention to comfort and reliable materials as it does to having pretty colors and an awesome fit.

You are going to be so glad that you decided to shop here for some of the sexiest and best tankinis from all of the top brands. A great designer once told me a secret about the making of tankinis. He told me that the tankini was actually designed to make men crazy. I wore one into work today and I can confirm that a lot of the guys at the office have been following around behind me with their mouths hanging open.




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