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Gregory Targhee 32L Bag
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Gregory Targhee 45L Bag
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Gregory Targhee 18L Bag
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Gregory Targhee 26L Bag
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Athalon Outer Limits Boot Bag
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Helly Hansen HH Boot Bag
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Grenade Fragment Snowboard Bag 170cm
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Bonfire Outback Boot Bag - Men's
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About Snowboard Bags and Travel Cases:

A snowboard bag can mean a lot of things to different people. Is it a bag that you wear while snowboarding? a bag in which you keep a snowboard? or is it a bag that is made out of snowboards? The answer is yes, except the last one, that’s probably a box.

When you meet some cool kids on the mountain it’s a fair assumption that the person wearing the backpack is most prepared to party. Be that person, bring everyone up by preparing a nice picnic that you can set up off the side of a trail, nothing too fancy mind you, maybe a nice wine and cheese selection; With the slopes calling your name its hard to stay still for long.

And when you are finished for the day, returning your snowboard to a bag can help increase longevity, and a board that feels like it has a home to return to is a happy board. You want your board to be happy, right?




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