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Patagonia Men's SS Squeaky Clean Polo
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Patagonia Women's Long Sleeve Necessity Henley Top
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Patagonia Men's Go To Shirt
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Patagonia Men's Fezzman Shirt
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Patagonia Men's Polarized Tee
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Patagonia Men's Ultralight Down Shirt
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Patagonia Women's Capilene 1 SW Graphic T-Shirt
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Patagonia Men's SS A/C Shirt
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Patagonia Women's Capilene 1 SW T-Shirt
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Patagonia Shirts

When did fortune cookies become statement cookies? Within the last 3 years, I have only received a single fortune cookie that actually has some sort of prediction: "Soon you will be sitting on top of the world." This isn't even really a fortune so much as it is science. It could be argued that, through the wonder that is the emotional cycle and High & Low, that you will eventually feel this way. The most recent "fortune" I received, "People enjoy having you around", while undoubtedly true, is simply a statement. It's useless because I already know this, and all it does it make me angry that they can get away with false advertising on a cookie once cherished by many-a-Western man. It reminds me of the Simpsons episode where the local fortune cookie factory is running stale on ideas and hires Homer to write new fortunes for people... except without that last part, just the stale. Furthermore, there are no longer lucky numbers or fun Chinese words/phrases on the reverse side either. I know the economy isn't quite back to where it was 6 years ago, but c'mon, have some pride in your cookie, China. Sad part is that no one in China will ever read this post or hear my plea for real fortune cookies with operation Internet chastity in effect. Frankly, with this kind of poor attitude in the care of their cookies, I wouldn't be surprised to see an office that looks like this. WTF CHINA! Fail.

Oh, I'm also supposed to write something about Patagonia Shirts here. Patagonia is a pretty solid brand and they make some nice shirts. They don't incite hostile emotions from me like fortune cookies do. There are men's Patagonia shirts, women's Patagonia Shirts, and kids' Patagonia shirts. They come long sleeved and short sleeved. Which is good because I don't like feeling locked down. I can never decide whether to buy a long sleeved shirt so I can push the sleeves up, or a short sleeve shirt so I can layer. I usually end up buying both. Some Patagonia shirts have buttons. Buttons on a shirt are not nearly as necessary to me as buttons on pants.

If you would like recommendations on some men's shirts to check out I'd start with Patagonia Men's Long-Sleeved Good Shirt. I think the name is pretty self-explanatory. I hear the Patagonia Men's Brushed Vitaliti Polo is nice too and completely country club acceptable, if you're the type to frequent country clubs.

For women's shirts I would definitely look at the Patagonia Women's Long-Sleeved Gravi-Tee, because I like the play on words. The Patagonia Women's Roustabout Shirt looks supes comfy, like live-in comfy, which is always a good. I would recommend taking it off to shower. At least occasionally, or you might lose a few of your more fickle friends.

I don't have kids so the following recommendations are based completely off of what my niece, Sloan, says. She's two but quite insightful. The Patagonia Girl's Long-Sleeved Live Simply Polar T-Shirt has a picture of a polar bear, but Sloan said "kitty" when she saw it. Cats are her favorite so I assume that meant she just liked it a lot. Sloan said, "Pup Pup" when she saw the Patagonia Kids' Flying Fish T-Shirt. "Pup Pup" is what she calls airplanes. I thought that was pretty clever. I think we can wait 'til age three before I try explaining the concept of flying fish and totally warp her little brain.




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