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Cushe Men's Slipper
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Sorel Men's Falcon Ridge Slipper
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Cushe Men's Surf Slipper Kick Shoe
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Cushe Men's Surf Slipper Drive Shoe
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Valandre Men's Olan Down Bootie
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Cushe Men's Surf Slipper Loafer Delux
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EMU Men's Bubba Slipper
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Sanuk Men's Get-Down
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Cushe Men's Slipper Mocc
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About Men's Slippers and Down Booties:

Your feet work hard for you all day. Don’t you think it’s time that you gave them a little pampering? Slippers are like tiny little portable beds for your feet to relax in. The best slippers have comfy insulation that keep your toes the perfect level of toasty, because cold feet suck.

I love slippers that have some substantial waterproof soles on them. If I am having a day in and have just finished preparing a bowl of tasty cereal to enjoy with some cartoons and I have to go get something from the car I do not want to have to change out of my slippers because its wet outside.

Slippers are more than comfortable footwear. They are a statement to the world, a declaration that you are the kind of man who takes his personal comfort seriously. A great pair of slippers has immense psychological value, they are representative of a state of being dedicated to relaxation. When you have your slippers on not a thing in the world can bother you because all of these other poor suckers are wearing footwear that isn’t designed with their emotional well-being in mind.

Whether you prefer slip-on slippers or the more moccasin like slippers is a secondary decision, because the important choice is to be the kind of man who wears slippers at all. Start taking your relaxation seriously, but not too seriously because you are supposed to be relaxing, get a pair of slippers.




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