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This is how Moosejaw Rewads works, you guys.



If you change your email address, be sure to change it by first going into your existing account. If you create a new account for the new email address, you'll want to email us. That way we can transfer your rewards points to the new account.

Feel free to transfer your points to a friend, family member or perfect stranger. You can only transfer points earned from actual purchases. Points earned from product reviews and contests, etc cannot be transferred. Ask our dishonest customers why if you aren't sure why we do this. I stole a 5 cent piece of gum once from Efros and my big brother made me return it. Email Daisy@moosejaw.com with your email address and the email address to which you want the points transferred. You can get a jacket for yourself and then give points to a friend for a birthday. Everyone likes a self-interested customer.

Your points expire two years after they are earned so be sure to spend all your points before then.

Use of points under Moosejaw's Rewards Program constitutes acceptance of all the program's terms and conditions, except where prohibited by law. Moosejaw reserves the right to change these policies or cancel this promotion at any time.

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No need to enroll. It's automatic!

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Shop at Moosejaw.com and Moosejaw Shops

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Use your points at Moosejaw Rewards

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Just email us the info.

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Visit Moosejaw Rewards
Use your points for gear and clothing at no cash cost.


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