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We want to make sure Moosejaw has the best prices in the world, and we need your help--but don't worry, because you totally benefit from the process. Here's how it works: If you find an identical product at a lower price and in stock on another site, we'll match the price. But wait, there’s more! If the discounted price of the product is over $100 and the price difference is greater than $1, we'll throw in an extra 1,000 Moosejaw Reward Points in addition to the points you already earn from the purchase. For example, if you find a jacket for 5 cents less at a competitor, we will gladly match the price if it's identical and in stock, but you don't get the 1000 points. Likewise, if you find a Nalgene for $2 less at a competitor, we will gladly match the price if it's identical and in stock, but since the Nalgene is under $100, you don't get the 1000 extra points.

Price Match Rules

  1. Moosejaw and the competitor must both have the identical item in stock (same size, color, style, and season).
  2. Item can't be discounted more than 40% off of the original retail price. Sorry.
  3. The competitor must be based in the U.S. We're patriotic like that.
  4. The purchase needs to be a traditional one, no Rewards purchases allowed.
  5. A price match will only be honored for up to three of the same item.
  6. We can only do price matches on orders placed within the last 14 days.
  7. Price Match policy excludes Western Mountaineering products.
  8. No price matching on gift cards.
  9. Items can't be purchased for resale.
  10. Prices listed on market places such as Amazon and eBay are excluded.
  11. You cannot combine a price match with other promotions, like a free gift or coupon code.
  12. Orders shipped to states where we have physical retail locations will be charged the applicable sales tax after the price has been adjusted. To see where our stores are located, visit our find a shop page.
  13. We cannot price match websites that require a membership or subscription fee.
  14. The 1000 reward point bonus is per order, not item.

What to do

  1. Find the item for less on another company's web site.
  2. Call or live chat one of our trusty customer service reps and let them know that you'd like to do a price match.
  3. Let us know where you saw the product for less.
  4. Bask in the glory of being super smart and saving money.


  1. Find the item for less on another company's web site.
  2. Place an order for the product on Moosejaw.com.
  3. E-mail service@moosejaw.com within 24 hours with a link to the web site where the product is on sale for a lower price, and let us know you'd like to do a price match.
  4. We'll adjust the price and rewards points for you!

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