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Petzl Accu Nao Battery
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Petzl Nao 2 Headlamp
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Petzl Arial 9.5mm Rope
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Petzl GriGri 2 Belay Device
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Petzl Vasak Crampon
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Petzl Men's Adjama 2 Climbing Harness
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Petzl Volta 9.2mm Rope
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Petzl Ascension Ascender

A great ascender! I love the smooth push action. Great for ascending a rope! Though the only thing I would improve is how hard it is to get the rope back out by pulling on the…
- John, 11/04/12

A great ascender! I love the smooth push action. Great for ascending a rope! Though the only thing I would improve is how hard it is to get the rope back out by pulling on the…
- John, 11/02/12

Petzl William Triact-Lock Carabiner

The William is the Pear-shaped brother of the AM'D biner. The size is large enough to handle any situation, station setup, multipitch scenario or tethering a horse to somethin…
- Spencer, 12/04/14
Kansas City that's not in Kansas

I have been using a couple of these for several years now and love them. I don't see any way that they could be opened by accident, but I guess we all should remember anythin…
- Maricel, 05/28/14
Little Rock, AR

Petzl Am'D Triact-Lock Carabiner

This carabiner is a VERY nice locking one. It has the tri-action lock so you can trust that it won't open on its own. A very nice carabiner.…
- John, 11/02/12

A little bit of practice and these things open rather easily one handed. I use them .to attach my belay device and my rappel backup. Works well. No complaints.…
- Simon, 11/22/13
Kansas or Perillos

Petzl Pirana Descender

This is a very cool belay and repal device, very invovativie. I used it when I was repalling in a water fall. It has different friction mode so you can easily adjust the repal…
- LIN, 11/22/07

I am a Search and Rescue Technician and have used every device out there for rappelling. This 'figure 8 style' rappel device is awesome! It gives you a lot of options, great t…
- Corey, 03/30/14



About Petzl

Do you like climbing? Are you a fan of being up high, hanging on the side of a cliff, with just a rope and harness keeping you from falling 3000 feet? Heck yes, you love it! Well Petzl loves it too and that's why they make excellent climbing gear. Petzl is always looking for ways to keep the products innovative, practical and high-performance.

Talk about an awesome family business, started by Ferdinand Petzl, an avant-garde caver, experimented with new equipment, creating new devices that revolutionized an industry in its infancy. Taking this to the rock walls, then mountaineering, professional rescue, and now work equipment make Petzl an industry leader still today. As a company, Paul Petzl, Ferdinand's son has never forgotten their roots, the core enthusiast; striving to always listen and improve based of practical use. Petzl standards are demanding, ensuring the highest quality.

Let us begin with harnesses. Sometimes harnesses just don't fit well and can be very uncomfortable which makes a bad climbing experience. But a Petzl harness is totally different. Petzl knows how to make harnesses. When you slip on a Petzl harness, you will find that it is lightweight and you can move freely. There are two types of harnesses. The first is the multipurpose harness. The second type is specialized harnesses made for certain types of climbing.

Petzl multipurpose harnesses - These Petzl harnesses can be used for all mountain activities. Beginners all the way to advanced climbers can use these multipurpose harnesses. They are also adjustable to provide the best fit. Some harnesses in this category include the Petzl Aspir, Petzl Corax and Petzl Calidris.

Petzl specialized harnesses - The specialized Petzl harnesses are created for more specialized climbers. These harnesses cater to a specific type of climber and cannot be used as multipurpose. Some harnesses in this category include the Petzl Hirundos, Petzl Sama and Petzl Adjama.

Since Petzl grew from the love of caving, it's no surprise they would supply headlamps. By the way, I once wore a Petzl headlamp to a dance club because I thought it would be cool. It was not cool. I would stick to wearing your Petzl headlamp only when you climb, if I were you. Use a Petzl headlamp when it is dark while you're climbing or especially if you are caving. You need to be safe while you climb and being able to see is a major importance. Using a hands free light is even more of an importance. Some Petzl headlamps that you may have heard of include Petzl Tikka, Petzl Zipka Plus and Petzl Tikkina.

There are so many other climbing accessories and protection that Petzl provides to its fellow climbers. Petzl carabiners are durable so you know you are protected. Petzl belay devices make belaying or rappelling a smooth and enjoyable process. Pretty much all of Petzl's climbing equipment makes the entire climbing experience an enjoyable journey. I kid you not.


Petzl Climbing Gear




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