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Women's AR-385a Harness
$158.95 Price pending
Women's FL-355 Harness
$144.95 Price pending
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  • GREY
Women's Luna Climbing Harness
$58.99 – $74.95
up to 21% off
Price pending
  • GREY
Women's Safe Tech Deluxe
$104.95 Price pending
  • GREY
Women's R280 Harness
$88.99   $148.95
40% off
Price pending
  • BLUE
Women's R260 LT Harness
$86.99   $124.95
30% off
Price pending
  • BLUE
Black Diamond
Women's Aura Harness
$62.99   $99.95
37% off
Price pending
Women's Venom Harness
$79.95 Price pending
Mad Rock
Women's Venus Harness
$49.95 Price pending


About Women's Climbing Harnesses:

I can think of no reason why you should only wear women’s climbing harnesses while rock climbing. These harnesses are testaments to the excellent engineering and material crafting that went into making them. That’s why I decided to wear my harness out on the town last night. Not only were there a lot of cute guys offering to buy me drinks trying to regale me with stories of how they climbed Rangitoto but I actually got an opportunity to do some heroic climbing.

A strange man rushed into the bar where I was hanging out and asked if anyone had a climbing harness that provided comfortable support and was durable enough to withstand a rescue operation. I stepped away from the crowd and proudly presented my harnessed self. The man had accidently locked a pregnant marmoset on the roof of an adjacent building and had no way of reaching her. I attached some marmoset midwifing equipment to my tool loops and began to scale the building. The women's climbing harness worked like a charm, distributing weight evenly and without creating any pinch points. I was able to reach the marmoset, who was quite agitated, or marmupset if you prefer. I was able to get the new world monkey safely down and she had a beautiful pair of twins.

After I was finished with my simian adventures there wasn’t a man in the bar who didn’t want to buy me a drink and tell me how beautiful I looked descending from the heavens with a monkey in my arms. All of this was because of having the best and most dependable climbing harness. Now it’s time for you to go on your own climbing adventure.


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