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Leki Micro Vario Titanium Trekking Pole - Pair
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Leki Micro Stick
Reg: $169.95
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Easton Mountain Products Expedition 2P Carbon Fiber Pole Tent
Reg: $799.95
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Leki Thermolite XL Antishock Trekking Pole - Pair
Reg: $179.95
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About Trekking Poles and Walking Sticks:

Trekking poles are awesome. People always giggle when I refer to mine as my third leg, I think they are just jealous that I have a telescoping device that helps me maintain balance and can also double as a monopod.

Walking stick technology has come a long way from the shillelagh and, while modern trekking poles are not as effective as bludgeoning weapons, they are a lot lighter and very resilient; making them ideal for backpacking and hiking. And I guess you could probably still use a pole as a weapon in a pinch, I would recommend using a sabre fencing style, trekking pole handles provide excellent grip for swashbuckling.

Carbon fiber is one of the coolest advances in materials, but lightweight aluminum alloys also have their place in my heart. I have aluminum and thorium in my heart because I am a robot sent back from the future to tell you that you need to get a trekking pole before you go on your next adventure. I'm sorry that I can't be more specific but if I told you too much it could drastically effect the space time continuum, and I've been informed that would be a bad thing.

An often unmentioned benefit of trekking poles may even be cooler than telescoping. All you need to make a pole into a swanky formal cane is to put on a top hat. People will automatically assume that you are fabulously wealthy because you can't be bothered with traditional walking. You're so fancy!




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