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About Trango Climbing Gear:

Awesome is the best way to describe Trango carabiners. Trango manufactures them in a modern factory that's been certified to ISO 9002, one of the highest quality assurance standards awarded to any carabiner manufacturer anywhere. To attain this rating, Trango must adhere to rigid standards of materials specifications, raw goods tracking, batch processing and quality control procedures. Of course, just to double check, each Trango carabiner is proof tested to 70% of its rated breaking strength before it leaves the factory. The Trango factory is the largest producer of carabiners in the world, which allows Trango to take advantage of economies of scale unavailable to other companies. What this means to you is that you'll find world-class Trango carabiners at prices you can afford. The Trango locking carabiners feature a "gate-lock" design which prevents the screw collar from jamming up against the frame, keeping them effortless to lock and unlock.

Protection is the glue that keeps you stuck to the rock. It's what keeps you off the deck when your arms, feet, brain or whatever, gives up and you pitch off. Good pro' is easy to use-- Trango believe that it shouldn't take a rocket scientist with an instruction manual to figure it out. Trango thinks should be durable--while Trango knows you shouldn't throw your cams in the dirt, somehow they always seem to end up gritty and sticky anyway. And good pro' handles the inevitable abuse of climbing gracefully--a kink in the cable shouldn't disable the trigger and you shouldn't have to toss your favorite nut in the trash just because you yanked the cable trying to get it out of a sticky spot. Check out the Trango selection-Trango is proud to offer up a range of versatile, durable, affordable and user-friendly protection for cracks from 3mm to 30.5cm. Yup, Trango provides the widest range of pro' you can get from anyone, anywhere.

Trango has completely re-designed their harness line with new materials, fabrications and designs. Using sophisticated lamination techniques combined with the latest in lightweight yet supportive materials, Trango harnesses will support you like a nice bucket seat yet never get in the way of a desperate stretch. The Trango padded harnesses feature the "Drop Back" waistbelt and the Trango "Real Gear" loops so you can actually carry a full rack on your harness without everything getting tangled up. Haul loops are runner strength for safety and the rear risers all drop down for convenience.

A good belay/rappel device is probably the most important and deceptively complex piece of gear you carry. Trango knows that this single device needs to stop falls quickly, let you rappel with smooth control, be light enough to carry everywhere, and foolproof enough that you can use it with confidence anywhere. By blending these contradictory requirements in varying degrees and incorporating some common-sense design ideas, Trango developed a range of devices that will fit any need or style. Trango climbing gear is engineered by climbers with a passion to improve the safety and usability for the tools of the sport.




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