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About Stuff Sacks and other Storage Gear for Camping:

Stuff sacks are great for conserving space so you can maximize efficiency when backpacking. Recently I’ve become rather obsessed with the idea of using compression sacks to make me more efficient in everything I do. Do you have any idea how much popcorn you can sneak into a movie theater if you don’t mind it being a little smooshed? The answer is a lot, but you have to make sure you clean your bag well afterwards or else you’ll end up covering your hiking supplies with artificial butter topping.

Dry sacks are some of the best waterproof cases that you are going to find for protecting your sensitive equipment. I was on a canoeing adventure, minding my own business and enjoying some absinthe when my captain, or was I the captain?, crashed us right into a semi submerged tree. If it hadn’t been for a reliable dry sack and quick thinking our trip would have been a lot less fun. Generally, submerging any of your gear is a bad idea though, so try to avoid it whenever possible.

Appropriately storing your gear is a great way to show it you care, even better than sending it a birthday card or helping it out around the house. The more stuff sacks and drybags you have for protecting your gear the better. How many marshmallows do you think you can fit in one of these? Trick question, I always eat all of the marshmallows on the first day on the trail.




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