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The North Face Women's Oso Hoodie
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The North Face Girls' Oso Hoodie
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The North Face Women's Oso Hooded Vest
$48.99 - $63.99
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The North Face Toddler Girls' Oso Hoodie
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The North Face Infant Oso Hoodie
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The North Face Women's Oso Hoodie
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The North Face Baby Oso Cute Beanie
$9.99 - $13.99
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The North Face Infant Oso Hoodie
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About The North Face Oso Jackets:

As many of you may know, "Oso" is Spanish for "bear", so let me diminish any preconceived associations right now. This jacket is not made out of bear fur. I'm sorry but it's not the 1700s anymore. It feels like it might be made out of teddy bear fur, but it's not that either. And no, it will not help you blend in with a pack of bears nor give you any advantage during a straight up human-bear confrontation.

What I'm trying to say is this: the Oso jacket by The North Face will be soft and cuddle-inviting as your teddy, and the hoodie and handwarmer pocket features will keep you as warm as a Kodiak, but other than that there will be no relationship between you and an actual bear.

Although a positive outcome isn't guaranteed, come November you could wear your North Face Oso jacket and tell your boss your ancestors were bears and that to honor your culture you have to hibernate for the next four months. As long as you have the jacket he'll totes believe it.




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There are ways, Dude.")

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