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The North Face Men's Shellrock Jacket
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About New Jackets, Coats, and Parkas for this Season:

You need a new jacket. There���s no way you can survive a cold adventure without one. If you are going to get a coat why would you settle for anything less than some of the newest jackets on the market. That���s what you are looking at right here, the newest jackets online, and if they aren���t new to the market they are at least new to us, and we are pretty hip.

People are more likely to notice something they haven���t seen before, so when you wear a new jacket you are probably going to get some looks. I tried to avoid getting looks by darting from room to room humming the James Bond theme but everyone kept stopping me to ask where I got my coat.

We���ve got jackets that are waterproof, windproof, insulated and hooded. The only jackets that we don���t have are yellowjackets, because some people at the office are allergic to bees. We also don���t have dust jackets because all of the books in the office are paperbacks. I would say that we don���t have full metal jackets but that would be a hollow point since a metal jacket would be heavy and only useful if you were trying to protect yourself from x-rays at the dentists.




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There are ways, Dude.")

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