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About Men's Windproof Jackets for Running and Cycling:

Who does the wind think it is? Working all the time! Sure it provides us with renewable energy and makes it possible for spiders to build their webs but that doesn't mean wind has to be such a blowhard all the time.

If you are hiking or on any kind of outdoor adventure you need a windproof jacket that works as hard as the wind does. I know that windproofing is a science that creates an impermeable wall of material that prevents the wind from cutting through your coat. I like to pretend though that the jackets work through an interesting facet of the butterfly effect. The idea that a butterfly flapping its wings in one part of the world can cause a hurricane somewhere else means that scientists can protect you as an individual from wind by putting all of the butterflies to work in a dairy farm that corresponds to the relative location of your jacket in the world. The jackets physical technology is just an added precaution against wild butterflies.

The best men's windproof jackets are made from advanced materials that provide comfortable warmth that protects you from gales while attracting all of the gals because of how cool the jacket is and how well it fits you. The best part about having one of this puppies is that it is always kite weather now.

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