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About Men's Amphibious Shoes for Land and Water:

Real men wear awesome water shoes. Not just on the boat or when they are kayaking but all of the time. When you are a rough and tumble adventuresome guy there is no telling what kind of hydro shenanigans might arise. It’s times like that when you will be glad that you have a pair of comfortable and fast drying water shoes. Nobody like walking around with wet feet. It can make your skin soft and prone to blisters, which is not very manly at all. I mean, I guess walking around with blisters might be manly, but it should probably still be avoided if at all possible.

My dad is one of those conspiracy guys and he has been stockpiling water shoes (as well as guns and ammo). He says that global warming is just a smokescreen that the secret government is using while they use lasers to melt the icecaps. Apparently aliens are going to flood the planet to colonize it. When that happens, my dad says that we are going to be really glad that we have all of the water shoes that we could ever need.

I’m not so sure about all of that, but I do know that I am loving having all of these men’s water shoes around the house. I borrowed a couple pairs from the stockpile and a few friends and I went canoeing last weekend. It was a really great time and have durable and fast drying water shoes made for an even better experience. You can even wear a pair into the shower if you want, I won’t tell anyone.




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