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Smartwool PhD Outdoor Light Mini
- $16.95
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Smartwool Men's Diamond Jim Sock
- $20.95
Reg: $20.95
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Smartwool Hiking Ultra Light Crew Sock
- $16.95
Reg: $16.95
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Smartwool Men's Over Woven Sock
- $18.95
Reg: $18.95
Up to 21% off
Smartwool PhD Ski Light Pattern Sock
- $23.95
Reg: $23.95
Up to 21% off
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About Men's Hiking and Running Socks:

Socks are for more than putting your hand inside of and pretending you’re Jim Henson. Even if your Kermit the frog impression is coming along well you should probably get some socks for your feet.

When it comes to outdoor adventuring socks are pretty much a must have item. Socks, especially wool socks, wick moisture away from your feet so your skin doesn’t become soft and prone to blistering. Socks can come in a variety of weights and densities, because the best socks for hiking may not be the best for snowboarding. There are some quality points that all of our socks address regardless of their potential uses. These socks are durable, comfortable, warm and fashionable, so you are going to look great and commend yourself later for finding such a cornucopia of things to wear under your shoes.

I cannot personally guarantee that these socks will never be eaten by your dryer, or more specifically the sock monster that lives in a world that is simultaneously adjacent to all dryers at once. I can promise that if one of your socks disappears all you have to do is give me a call and I will be over as fast as I can with a vial of holy water and my sock monster fighting stick.




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