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Patagonia Men's Stretch Wavefarer Board Short
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Patagonia Men's Wavefarer Board Short
- $65.00
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Patagonia Men's Stand Up Short 7 Inch Inseam
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Kuhl Men's Ramblr Short
$58.95 - $59.95
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The North Face Men's Libertine Cargo Short
- $59.95
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About Men's Shorts for Hiking, Running and More:

Ah yes the short. The most majestic piece of clothing that man has ever had the good fortune to invent. Short shorts are great if you have got the figure (and I know that you do). But a nice pair of long shorts is relaxed and gives you more freedom of motion than pants. The best shorts ever invented though have got to be cargo shorts. The sheer utility of numerous heavy duty pockets combined with the comfortable nature of shorts makes any man wearing cargos feel like a god of epicness.

Shorts aren't just for summertime either, real men wear shorts in any condition. One of my favorite pieces of concert clothing is a long, durable pair of cargo shorts. The range of motion increase means that I can bust out all of the super sweet moves that make all the ladies gasp and occasionally faint. Best of all, the pocket space means that not only can I sneak stuff in to the venue, if I get something from the merch table I can store it away safely; and the safety is increased because pockets that can be buttoned closed are clutch.

Sometimes to really make a statement about quality and general awesomeness of shorts I will wear them over a pair of pants. It's certainly an eye-catching style, plus my mom says that it's really adorable.




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