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About Men's Gaiters and Overboots:

I am having some difficulty in describing men’s overboots to you because I am not sure of the difference between gaiters and crocodiles, something about the ankles right? Wait… you’re telling me that there are gaiters called crocodiles? That’s awesome.

Now I really don’t know what to say since all of the good puns are already taken. I guess I should just tell you how useful and awesome gaiters are. Overboots or gaiters protect your laces and lower leg from abrasion and other impediments to hiking or running. Although they are designed for outdoor adventuring gaiters are useful in any situation where you want your boots to stay tied and you don’t want to get mud on your pant legs. The best gaiters and overboots have the durable resilience necessary to stand up against the toughest forces of nature that occur below the knee; they are also waterproof and provide a strong and comfortable fit.

The only thing that gaiters can’t protect you from is glitter. It gets everywhere. I just got into a minor glitter skirmish in the warehouse and now there are sparkles in my beard. Although I will say this about overboots, boxes full of them are great for hiding behind while girls try to coat you with arts and crafts supplies.




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