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Patagonia Friction Belt
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Patagonia Tech Web Belt
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Arcteryx Belt Buckle
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Fjallraven Sarek 2.5cm Belt
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Oliberte Mendi Wallet
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Fjallraven Sarek 4.0cm Belt
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Oliberte Broka Wallet
$39.95 - $49.95
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Oliberte Flota Wallet
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DC RD Highlight Belt - Men's
Reg: $22.00
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About Men's Belts, Belt Buckles, and Wallets:

It is only a matter of time before everyone starts dressing like they are from some kind of post apocalyptic comic book, with lots and lots of belts and other accessories, but mostly belts. It will become so popular that people will take to the streets wearing nothing but a bunch of belts which will tastefully conceal as much nudity as is required by local ordinances.Friction belts are awesome because they don���t try to force you to choose between a bunch of tiny holes; it���s your belt and you are going to wear it how you want to, at a size that is perfectly suited to the task of keeping your pants off the floor.

From a fashion standpoint, a belt is a must-have piece of equipment. The best belts are able to let people know where the top half of you starts and the bottom half begins without overpowering the rest of your outfit. That doesn���t mean that a belt has to be invisible, eye-catching colors and interesting belt buckles can act as an excellent complement that will rake in the compliments.

Do you know what else is something that every man has to have to complete their supplies for asskickery? An awesome wallet, preferably filled with crisp 20s and 50s. I can���t really help you with obtaining the mad duckets but I can tell you that these are some of the best wallets for both holding money and impressing attractive strangers.




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