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About Men's Rock Climbing Shoes:

Tactically speaking, its essential to gain the high ground on your opponent, if for no other reason than to make sure that they are the ones who are fighting uphill. And there is no faster way to gain the high ground than putting on your pair of mens climbing shoes and taking off straight up a mountain. If you reach a plateau you can just defeat your enemies by throwing rocks down onto them.

The best climbing shoes are all crafted with advanced materials that maximize comfort and grip. Your toes are going to feel like they are the most important digits in the world. Although there is a fair chance that women will be so impressed with your fancy climbing footwear that your toes will be superseded by a new set of digits.

Climbing shoes are my second favorite kind of pointy shoe. Fortunately, winklepickers are absolute rubbish for doing any serious rock climbing so I can wholeheartedly say that climbing shoes are the best at what they do. Maybe someday fashion will become so advanced and climbing so popular that winklepickers will be adapted for the sport, or maybe thats just the fevered dream of a madman being kept in the basement of Moosejaw. If it wasn’t for my incarceration though I would have never discovered that in a pinch climbing shoes are actually quite tasty if you can get your hands on some hot sauce.Buy a pair of climbing shoes today, actually, buy two and send me a pair... I’m getting hungry.




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