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Arcteryx Men's Alpha SV Jacket
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Arcteryx Men's Beta AR Jacket
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Arcteryx Men's Cerium LT Hoody
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Arcteryx Men's Thorium AR Jacket
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Arcteryx Men's Gamma MX Jacket
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Arcteryx Men's Beta LT Jacket
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Arcteryx Men's Thorium AR Hoody
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Arcteryx Men's Theta AR Jacket
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Arcteryx Men's Alpha LT Jacket
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Arcteryx Men's Fortrez Hoody
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Men's Arcteryx

Basically, Arc'teryx makes like a million different kinds of jackets for men. I don't really have time to talk about the whole million, plus I think I might be developing carpal tunnel, so I'll just talk about the most important ones.

If you want an all-around totally awesome jacket, I'd suggest you check out Arc'teryx fleece. Check out the Men's Hyllus Jacket or the Hyllus Hoody, for instance. The Hyllus is a new style. I think it used to be called the Hercules, but whatever. Anyway, Arc'teryx makes the Hyllus with Polartec Power Shield O2 high-loft fleece, so it's uber warm and insulating, which is just what everybody wants out of a fleece. The Men's Arc'teryx Strato Jacket is another men's fleece that's pretty flippin' rad. Made with Polartec Thermal Pro, it's a little lighter weight than the Hyllus, making it a superb mid-layer for snowsports or a lightweight stand-alone jacket for the trail.

Arc'teryx has a fancy system for categorizing their men's jackets. Normally, I'm not much of a fan of fancy systems, or systems in general, but I'll make an exception for Arc'teryx, because their system makes it easier to pick the right jacket for the climate or activity. Wow, that was a long sentence. Anyway, here's the deal:

SV means severe weather, these jackets are the most durable for harshest conditions. AR means all around, so these jackets are midweight and the most versatile. MX is for mixed weather and dynamic movement, so these jackets are great for climbing and trekking. LT is light weight, so these jackets are light and trim. SL means super light, and these garments use PacLite fabrics. Finally, SK is for ski touring, and these jackets have generous articulation for ski touring and alpine climbing.

So, that's the story with the categories, and it applies to men's Arc'teryx hard shells and softshells. Arc'teryx shells are basically split between two types: Whiteline with descent-specific articulation for snowsports, and Ascent for minimum bulk and outstanding articulation while climbing. The Ascent collection includes the Men's Alpha SV Jacket and the Men's Atom SV Hoody, while the Whiteline collection includes the Men's Sabre SV Jacket and Men's Hyllus Hoody.




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