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About Survival and Camping Knives:

A good knife is a must have for camping because it has so many uses. Knives can also be used to carve pumpkins, and if it isn’t halloween you can use a knife to carve whatever fruit or vegetable is in season. Sometimes in the summer, just to keep the halloween spirit alive, I carve jack ‘o’ bananas.

Knives can do more than save your teeth from the damage that occurs when you try to open one of those heavily sealed plastic packages. Climbers also know how important it is to have a good knife because high-quality ropes are resistant to cutting so in the event that you do need to cut a rope you are much better off if you have a sharp enough tool to do so.

Having a knife throwing contest is definitely dangerous, but if its something that you are into you are going need a knife, otherwise everyone else will laugh at you.

To be honest there are only a few situations where a knife is not beneficial. One of them is a gun fight, never be the guy who brings a knife to one, most people don’t bring extra guns to a fight and they are usually reluctant to share.

I don’t want you to think that I am being careless in my description of knives so I want to go on record as saying that a knife can be dangerous and should always be used with respect and caution. They don’t have erasers on the back, so please be careful. That being said, they are definitely useful and if I spent all my time describing all the things that can be cut everyone at work would think I’m scary.




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