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Black Diamond Fuel Ice Tool
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Petzl Quark Ice Tool
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Camp USA Alpax Special Ice Axe
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Arcteryx R320a Harness
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Arcteryx R275 LT Harness
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Camp USA Corsa Axe
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Black Diamond Venom Hammer
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Petzl Ergo Ice Tool
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Arcteryx Women's R280 Harness
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Grivel X Monster Ice Axe
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Petzl Nomic Ice Tool
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About Ice Climbing Gear and Equipment:

Just thinking about ice climbing gear makes my teeth chatter, with excitement. Seriously, you have just arrived at a treasure trove of all of the things you need for ice climbing from the top brands in the industry.

Harnesses? Heck yes we have harnesses. They are the harnessiest and look super cool even when you aren���t actively engaged in ice climbing. I wear a harness underneath my clothes every day, but that is only because I am a vigilante crime fighter named Naked Harness Man. I���ve been working on my theme song but I am taking suggestions as well as applications for a sidekick.

What about other ice climbing tools like axes, hammers, adzes and ice screws? What kind of superhero would I be if I wasn���t equipped with a bunch of gadgets that are as useful for crime fighting as they are for climbing. Not a very good one.

If there is one thing that every hero always ends up using, it���s rope. Oh boy, do we have some ropes for you. So much rope that you may forget all about ice climbing and decide instead that you are going to go out and build a rope swing immediately. In fact, I think that I may not even need a sidekick, I just need some rope. Maybe I will put a mask on the rope to protect it���s secret identity. I���ve got it! my sidekicks name will be ropey and will have all of the powers of a good rope, like being durable and abrasion resistant, and really long.




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