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Black Diamond Fuel Ice Tool
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Camp USA Alpax Special Ice Axe
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Grivel X Monster Ice Axe
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Grivel Air Tech Evolution Ice Axe
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Black Diamond Venom Hammer
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Petzl Nomic Ice Tool
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Camp USA Corsa Axe
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Petzl Quark Ice Tool
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Camp USA Alpina Ice Axe
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Petzl Ergo Ice Tool
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Grivel Tech Machine Ice Axe
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Camp USA Neve Ice Axe
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Grivel Air Tech Racing SA Ice Axe
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Grivel Air Tech Carbon Ice Axe w/ Long Leash
- $249.95
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About Ice Axes and other Ice Climbing Tools:

It’s important to remember that when you buy mountaineer tools like ice axes, hammers, adzes and ice screws that the product you’re getting is not, in fact, made out of ice. This single fact will save you the embarrassment of buying dozens of one item thinking that they may melt at some point, also, you wont have to keep so much gear in your freezer.

When you are ice climbing you should have equipment that is as extreme as you are. That means buying ice tools that are made from superior materials that can hold up in the most inclement of temperatures and conditions.

My favorite utility for climbing ice is the adze. Does that make me an adze man? I guess it does. Adzes were invented in the stone age, so you know that they can stand up to the test of time. We don’t have any of the stone ones here because technology has advanced so much that more reliable gear can made from advanced metals. Besides, you don’t want to be worrying about whether or not you are damaging a paleolithic relic with every inch that you fight up a mountain.

Adzes and axes are sharp, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but let’s be blunt. Hammers are blunt. The hammer is like the captain of the ice tools, sure it isn’t as flashy or traditionally badass but it is reliable and headstrong, it keeps the rest of the team together and can be useful in almost any activity. The only time a hammer isn’t useful is when you are repairing a delicate piece of fine china, it would just smash your teacups into dust. But who needs teacups when there is climbing to be done?




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