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Ibex Men's Scout Jura Full Zip
- $184.95
Reg: $184.95
Up to 41% off
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Ibex Women's Shak Jersey
Reg: $149.95
45% off
Free Shipping
Ibex Men's Kombi Loden Jacket
Reg: $294.95
35% off
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Ibex Women's Woolies 150 Zip T-Neck
- $84.95
Reg: $84.95
Up to 41% off
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Ibex Men's VT FZ Top
- $119.95
Reg: $119.95
Up to 46% off
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Ibex Men's Runout Coat
Free Shipping
Ibex Women's VT Polo
- $97.95
Reg: $97.95
Up to 25% off
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Ibex Women's Shak Vest
- $124.95
Reg: $124.95
Up to 41% off
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Ibex Men's Pez 2 Full Zip
Reg: $194.95
41% off
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Ibex Women's Lineup Skirt
- $84.95
Reg: $84.95
Up to 26% off
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Ibex Men's Seventeen.5 Tee
$94.95 - $109.95
Free Shipping
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About Ibex

Ibex makes some of the most decent Merino wool apparel on the market. Whether you’re looking for wool baselayers, wool midlayers, or wool outerwear, Ibex will have what you need. Ibex even has wool underwear and boxers.

If you’re new to quality wool clothing, you may be under the misconception that wool is very hot and itchy. That’s actually not the case at all with Ibex wool clothing and jackets. Ibex uses fine Merino wool in their apparel. Merino wool is a very fine and quality wool that actually helps to regulate body temperature. Therefore, if it’s cold out, Merino wool will help trap body heat and keep you warmer. In warmer temperatures, Merino wool will help to pull moisture away from your body when you sweat, keeping you more comfortable. When worn as layers, you can wear a wool baselayer to keep your skin dry, and a wool outer-layer to trap heat and keep you warm.

Not only does Ibex make some of the best Merino wool clothing and jackets available, their company culture is also pretty sweet. We’re talking dog in the office, and people biking in to work. Ibex truly loves to work hard and play hard. Very much like Moosejaw Mountaineering. Maybe that’s why we also think Ibex is so cool.




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