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About LED Headlamps for Running, Cycling, Climbing and More:

My mom says that I am really bright. She’s probably either biased or blinded by how awesome my headlamp is. Seriously, I have been wearing this thing non-stop for three weeks. I have has 0 encounters with ghosts and/or the boogeyman in that time, so I can personally attest to headlamps effectiveness against warding off the things that go bump in the night.

Think of all of the things that go unseen just because it’s dark. You are missing out on so many nocturnal adventures if you don’t have a headlamp. Having a light on your forehead goes beyond letting you see things in the dark when you are camping, you suddenly become a beacon for everyone else outside who didn’t bring their own lamp, thus encouraging them to group around you. Basically, a headlamp is instant friends at night, especially if your light can switch to red LEDs, then you won't be ruining other peoples night vision and, as an added bonus, you will look like a killer robot from the future.




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