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About Gibbon Slacklines:

Slacklining builds core strength, improves balance and generally makes you look cool. There aren’t many activities that do not benefit from being performed on a slackline. Gymnastics? cooler on a slackline. Acrobatics? cooler on a slackline. Pretending you are a giant spider? Almost exclusively cooler on a slackline.

Gibbon slacklines are not for monkeying around on, because a gibbon is a member of the ape family. But they are great for parties, parks, and gyms, anywhere you want to release your inner ape and travel bipedally without the aid of a tail. With 2-inch and the traditional 1-inch style of slackline, Gibbon has made slacklining easier than ever to jump into.

But what if you do have a prehensile tail? You may want to get a second slackline and invent your own version of tricklining. Tricklining has become a force in its own right in the slacklining community. By using trampoline materials Gibbon has released several styles of slackline that make it possible to do some impressive maneuvers.




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(Walter Sobchak: "You want a toe?
I can get you a toe, believe me.
There are ways, Dude.")

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